irish green

When I was born a nurse asked my mother what she named me. “Laura” she told her. “Is she Irish?” the nurse asked. “Yes” my mom said. She came back with this green dress as a gift. When I was 6 weeks old, I had my picture taken in it. My mom kept it all these years and when I had a daughter, she gave it to me (and we both had a good cry). I put her in it for her 6 week picture. I couldn’t hold my head up and she could, so the pose is a little different.

My daughter is so like me, it is scary! We both memorize songs instantly, are great mimics, and love being artistic. We often say the same thing at the same time. Unlike me, she likes to play chess, hates to get rid of anything, and is a definite meat-lover, which is like her dad!



October 24, 2011


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