Duty, Honor, Country

I made my version of this picture around 15 years ago when I was a cadet at West Point.  My Dad and I were both around the age of 21 or 22 when these were taken.   My Dad was always a funny guy and even found time to make others laugh after being drafted during the Viet Nam War.  My “As-For-Class” uniform looked very similar to his Class B uniform in everything but color, so I couldn’t resist recreating this photo.   He passed away when my oldest son was just over a year old (he is now nearly 10).  It seems that I look more and more like my Dad with each passing day, and I am thankful that along with his visage,  I also inherited his zest for life and his passion and dedication to fatherhood.  I like to think that by knowing me that my two sons somehow also know their Grandpa Mike.


November 11, 2011


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  1. Diane Davis

    Dustin you are alot like your father. You are a wonderful father to your sons, a good brother to your brothers and a wonderful son to me. You always put family first and are always there when a friend needs something. I am very proud of you and so would your father. Yours sons will know there grandfather we all tell stories and share memorys with them..love you


  2. Leonard Davis

    This is perfect, the gift of honor. Nothing could be better!


  3. Aunt Dawn

    Fun pictures of the two of you!! I miss your Dad. I can still hear his laugh!
    Aunt Dawn


  4. Hi ,

    I like your posting about your dad. Like you I also look like my dad. All the best.




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