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When I met my future father-in-law in 2002, my boyfriend (at that time) could not tolerate me stating over and over how much he looked like his dad! He just could not view any of the similarities.

After the birth of our first child (and his first grandchild) their “father and son” relationship grew quite close and a new friendship formed.

As the generations now bound them with new affection, they began to share more than just their looks. The two men enjoy rebuilding automobiles, manicured lawns, summer evenings out of doors, and my absolute favorite… becoming “grill masters”.

I had found this old photo of my husband on his dad’s lap – taken in 1979 – and hung it on our refrigerator. Mostly due to my father-in-law’s expression and coiffure. :)

When our third child arrived in August, it was immediately apparent my husband could NOT deny this baby’s paternity. ha!

As the weeks passed into months, that photo on the refrigerator beckoned to me.  Even though my husband was far from cooperative, he fell to my feminine wiles and in 2012 we were able to recreate the image.

I am quite proud of the men in my life and pray my children inherit their smiles and laughter, lest I mention their looks!

Duty, Honor, Country

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I made my version of this picture around 15 years ago when I was a cadet at West Point.  My Dad and I were both around the age of 21 or 22 when these were taken.   My Dad was always a funny guy and even found time to make others laugh after being drafted during the Viet Nam War.  My “As-For-Class” uniform looked very similar to his Class B uniform in everything but color, so I couldn’t resist recreating this photo.   He passed away when my oldest son was just over a year old (he is now nearly 10).  It seems that I look more and more like my Dad with each passing day, and I am thankful that along with his visage,  I also inherited his zest for life and his passion and dedication to fatherhood.  I like to think that by knowing me that my two sons somehow also know their Grandpa Mike.


irish green

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When I was born a nurse asked my mother what she named me. “Laura” she told her. “Is she Irish?” the nurse asked. “Yes” my mom said. She came back with this green dress as a gift. When I was 6 weeks old, I had my picture taken in it. My mom kept it all these years and when I had a daughter, she gave it to me (and we both had a good cry). I put her in it for her 6 week picture. I couldn’t hold my head up and she could, so the pose is a little different.

My daughter is so like me, it is scary! We both memorize songs instantly, are great mimics, and love being artistic. We often say the same thing at the same time. Unlike me, she likes to play chess, hates to get rid of anything, and is a definite meat-lover, which is like her dad!




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When I was Lucy’s age I was shy and reserved, much more serious than Lucy.  Lucy thrives on making people laugh.  She’s daring and outgoing and has more personality than any adult I’ve ever met. She gets all of that from her father.

She’s very observant and curious.  She’s artistic, even at her age and intense when working on one of her creations.  My mom said I was exactly the same way.

I hope she grows up to be the perfect combination of her father and I.  She’s certainly on her way there, so I think we’re in good shape.


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