An EARTH SANDWICH is created when two slices of bread are simultaneously placed on opposite sides of the EARTH.


In May of 2006 Ze Frank issued a challenge to his audience (Sports Racers), in an episode of the early influential video blog "The Show" to create the first earth sandwich in history.

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Using the FIND THE OPPOSITE TOOL viewers were able to locate their opposites on the globe. Unfortunately for many fans of the show the United States is across from the Indian Ocean. Click below to find your opposite!

Hundreds of people around the globe began sending pictures of bread on the ground in tribute to the effort. (Pictured left)


After two other legitimate attempts failed*, the first earth sandwich was completed less than one month from the original challenge. A baguette was placed in Spain, near Madrid at the same time that another baguette was placed in New Zealand outside of Aukland. Two videos were made, one from Spain:

And the other from New Zealand:


Many earth sandwiches have been made in the past few years, including one by Doc Searles:

* One attempt was made between the island of Fiji and the African nation of Mali. In the story that was related to me, a young man in Fiji tried to call an embassy in Mali. The bureaucrat on the other end patiently listened to the request before saying that 1) it was certainly possible and 2) that it would cost money.



The Earth Sandwich was mentioned on QI, a British Comedy Quiz show hosted by Stephen Fry:


"Have you seen the recipe for an earth sandwich?" Source:"The world is my sandwich" by Chris Nuttall, Financial Times, June 21, 2006.


"To inspire his audience, Ze composed a ballad, 'If the Earth were a sandwich...' It's hummable. Beautiful even. So for the last few weeks, all over the world people have been rushing about, emailing, texting and trekking in an effort to arrange a simultaneous sandwich moment. This past week, apparently, it happened." Source: "Dig a Hole to China? Try a Sandwich Instead" by Robert Krulwich, National Public Radio, June 17, 2006.


The Earth Sandwich is featured in Douglas Coupland's book Generation A, without any credit towards the original. His publisher responded to inquiries by stating: "Doug’s fiction is many things, but one of the things he creates in his novels is a tapestry of ideas and objects and turns of mind he’s noticed in the world." What a wank.


For a brief moment, the earth sandwich was listed in the wikipedia entry for "Sandwich." It has since been removed.

If you make an earth sandwich, let me know :