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if you are interested in booking a speaking engagement/live show:
please contact me at ze@zefrank.com

references and video samples are available on request


Safety (30 min) : Humorous one-man show on the notion of safety, ranging from airplane cabin safety cards to the Department of Homeland Security.

I am dot com (30min - 1hr) : Humorous and bizarre personal multimedia one man show.

The New Creativity (30min - 1hr) : The transition to an authorship society brings with it massive amounts of content to consume, but it also brings a new relationship between our society and the notion of creativity. This talk explores real-time creativity and how it effects the way we think about teaching and learning.

On Contagious Media (30 min - 1hr) : Challenges our current notions on popularity, viral marketing, and networked communities and creates a framework for thinking about acquiring and sustaining a modern audience.


SOME REVIEWS (see...its not just my mom)
"Well, I'm here to confirm that Ze is indeed one intelligent guy. Not only has he created a highly entertaining website that continues to grow, but he's thought a lot about what it means to be creative and communicate with people (via the web as well a in other venues). Ze's presentation at SIGGRAPH showed not only his erudition but his passion, and I have to say that it was for me probably the highlight among all the highlights."

- review of SIGGRAPH 2005 by David Robinson of http://www.flashinsider.com

"Ze Frank was hilarious - I will never be able to look at either an air sickness bag or the aeroplane safety card again without smiling .... "

- review of TED Global 2005 by Mick Yates of http://www.leader-values.com/
"Ze Frank , known mostly for his visually creative, funny and sometimes disturbing graphic design, shows a punctuation substitution chart and the audience laughs hysterically. Then he gives us a visual of himself dancing naked, chest up. Chest up, but naked. I particularly loved his amusing ‘advent of spam’ story -- the drab ruined life of a man who is so lonely and distraught he turns to spam. Ze at his core is an entertainer."

- review of TED 2005 by Renee Blodgett from http://encounters.typepad.com

"The morning session was owned, however, by the strange and delightful Ze Frank. Ze’s 15 nanoseconds of fame came about a year ago when he created a collection of videos entitled “How to Dance Properly.” For his 29th birthday, he created an online invitation that featured him dancing in short, back-and-white, Buster Keaton-style video loops. He sent the link to 17 friends. Three days later, hundreds of thousands of people were visiting his site every hour. Ultimately, 20 million visitors dropped by electronically to watch the clips. Ze’s comic timing is impeccable and had the audience howling".

- review of TED 2004 by James Daly from redherring.com

"Great intro...talking about critical E-Mail. Puntuous changes. Writing for spam!  Great timing and sense of humour.Very funny guy. Hard to translate into words as to how funny this guy is"

- review of PopTech! 2004 by Buzz Bruggeman from buzzmondo.com

"Ze Frank , who just became my favorite PopTech presenter thus far (an award ceremony will take place later), was brilliant and side-splittingly funny - part of the program segment on "happiness". Suffice it to say you need to see him to appreciate it - I won't even try. "

- review of PopTech! 2004 by Anthony Citrano form www.citrano.com


Speaker: Design Indaba, South Africa, 2006
Speaker: LEAP Conference, Lisbon, 2006
Y Design AIGA 2005, SanDiego
Royal College of Art, London
Speaker and Panelist, SIGGRAPH 2005
Speaker: FlashBelt 2005, Minneapolis
Speaker: New Yorker Magazine Retreat, D.C. 2005
Allegis Capital Retreat, Half Moon Bay, 2005
Speaker: Jack Morton Day, NY 2005
Keynote Speaker: Flash Forward 2005 NYC
Speaker: AIGA National, Boston, 2005
Keynote Speaker: Flash Forward 2004 NYC
Keynote Speaker: Flash Forward 2005 San Francisco
Speaker: TED 2005, Monterey
Speaker: TEDGlobal 2005, Oxford
Speaker: POPTech 2005, Camden
Speaker: POPTech 2004, Camden
Speaker: TED 2004, Monterey
Speaker: GEL 2004, NYC
Speaker: GEL 2003, NYC
Speaker: BD4D 2003, NYC
ITP, New School, NYC
Parsons School of Design, NYU
NYVideo Festival Event at Lincoln Center 2003, 2004
Microsoft Social Computing Symposium, Seattle
Sundance Film and Interactive Lab, Crossover - Feb 2002- Jacksonville Fla.
ED:DE (Experience Design: Design Experience) Pittsburgh AIGA.