tuesday :: 3-21-06

this is the first time that I will be watching most of these episodes since they were posted. that’s weird. i have that relationship with things i make. do you? this one feels like i was searching for format. the “supreme court calendar” was set up to be a recurring joke on how boring that segment would be… but ultimately i became fascinated with the things I was going to make fun of. Incidentally the .xxx top level domain debate is still raging although the arguments for and against have swapped sides.

This is all before I had made a commitment to what is now the ubiquitous video blog jump cut, but in this episode I’m trying to play around with moving into the camera physically at transition points with a sharp cut. there’s something nice about having a physical action to hit at the beginning of a take – takes the pressure off of the words and brings energy into the frame right away. over time the cut became more important to me, and the style became less natural, more surgical (not a bad thing – but worth noting).

I found myself getting lost watching this episode – it’s an experience that was described to me many times by viewers, but i’m not sure I’ve ever watched with enough distance from the content to feel it. Funny to me that I assumed that there would be contextual carry over on the Tal Afar reference from the last episode to land that point.

this is the first episode that the tagline “thinking so you don’t have to” appears – sort of an inversion of the Murrow sign off. At one point I got an angry email from a viewer saying that
it was a very pretentious thing to say. hee :)

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  1. No matter how much we deny it, deep within ourselves, we have a gender preference for our soon-to-be-born. This is especially accurate for non-first time parents. Studies have shown that a starting family wants both genders among their children-in fact, in a perfect world, it would be nice to exactly have 1 boy and 1 girl-one prince, 1 princess.

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  2. CA

    Re: relationships with things you make. I used to see TV ads I’d edited come on actual TV and think “god I’m sick of this ad,” and it would take me a minute to realize why. But after a few weeks it objectively seemed like part of the ad landscape, and I could much better judge the effectiveness of the spot.

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  3. nungee

    this is the second episode that the tagline “thinking so you don’t have to” appears, is it not?

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  4. Having watching the two episodes back-to-back, I picked up on the Tal Afar thing. Probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

    I *did* notice that you said “thinking so you don’t have to” in the 3-20 episode, buried after the “everything that happened today” line.

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  5. Hey Ze,

    How much of your day did making The Show take up?
    Could you get one done in the morning, or did it take a lot longer to get them done?

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  6. Kevin

    So glad to see this replay. Even though I wasn’t very involved in the community, I’ve always held The Show as something special to me. I’m happy I saw this near the beginning, seeing that I missed out on the first few months of the original showing. Thanks, Ze!

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  7. ingrid

    ah… you are lovely. truly.

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  8. i understand the weirdness of confronting one’s own creations after a significant amount of time has passed. especially if your skill in that particular area of creation has increased in the interim; you tend to only see the flaws. don’t look for the flaws, ze. just enjoy yourself.

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  9. Alex

    Hey, just one more reason to watch The Show again. It’ll be interesting to see your take on everything 5 years on…how has it been 5 years? ;-)

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  10. tommy

    i admire your ability to create and release. i tend to spend a lot of time creating and re-creating, usually to the point where i fail to release. with the show, which changed my life in a few ways (all good), i spent my mourning period watching all of them in order and realizing how much your style developed over the year, especially in the first month or two, so i did what you’re doing in 2007. I still have a few favorite eps which i share with others from time to time. the show gave me a lot of good ideas, and a lot of great laughs. thank you.

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