Ray's Original Song

The Story

One day,

I received this piece of audio in a MySpace message. I found it inspirational. It was, at a distance, realizing that someone was feeling something, wanting to affect them in a particular way, using media to do it, putting it online, and realizing that there was a greater impact.

Wanting to give something back to Ray, I asked my audiences to remix his song. I got tons of amazing audio back -- everything from the "Down Home Ranch" remix to the "Mi Nombre es Ray" remix. Goose's version stood out as my favorite.

Everyone loved the song and the remixes. People from all over the world designed album covers and even collaboratively created a music video.

The only problem was I didn't know who Ray was. I just had a name and a song. So I turned back to my audience and asked them to try and find him. And they did. In two days. No kidding.

I flew down to St. Louis where I had the pleasure of meeting Ray and personally delivered the gifts we had made him.

Thanks to everyone who helped create this great story. And thanks to Ray for reaching out and trying to make somebody's day a little bit better.


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Goose's Remix

Ray's Response


I was informed that you have been trying to contact me. A friend told me to go to google.com and type in "whip somebody's ass." Well, I did and what I saw completely blew my hair back (and I am bald).

I am absolutely lost for words... All of these mixes of a simple tune that I intended for my daughter is amazing. When I said that I was going to put it on the Internet, I had no idea that it was going to spread like this. I only emailed it to 2 people!!! This is deep!!!

Well, at any rate I am honored that you guys have put so much energy and time into a song that I improvised just to cheer my daughter up.

Just so that you will know, as I sang this to her she actually screamed after the first line. She burst into almost an uncontrollable laughter. I told her that I know that what I did was somewhat unconventional, but that's what came to me to do. She went back to work and has been fine since then. In fact, she has received a promotion to a much better position.

I was told that the song was being played on the morning show here in St. Louis almost everyday last week. I haven't heard it...but enough people have approached me laughing and singing about it, telling me that they heard it on the radio.

I am glad that this impromptu song has touched the lives of so many people.

Thank you for letting me know that it has helped many people besides my daughter. That's exactly what I hoped it would do.

Peace, Ray"