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Amanda Congdon (born 1981), former host of Rocketboom, is (or was) the arch-rival and nemesis of Wonder Boy. Her relationship with Ze Frank, however, is less certain.

In the March 27, 2006 episode, Ze reported that Amanda didn't really have a crush on him, that it was her writer who created her crush on him.

In Amanda's April 28, 2006 Rocketboom episode, she spent her entire show talking to/about Ze, complaining that Ze never answered a video segment and e-mail that she had sent about a year earlier.

In Ze's April 28, 2006 episode (man, same day!) Ze spliced together an extended exchange that ended with an orgasmic series of "poops". For weeks afterwards, many people on the comments lobbied Ze to have more interaction with Amanda. Many sports racers are glad he hasn't.

Recently however Amanda Congdon listed Ze as a co-writer in one of her post-Rocketboom videoblogs. Details about this connection are sparse.

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