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Fabuloso Chess is chess played on the sports racer wiki.

If you're looking for the Fabuloso Chess game between Ze Frank and The Fabulosos, visit this page.

Below you can arrange to play your own game, invent your own rules, or whatever. C'mon Fabulosos!

If you're interested in playing a game, just enter into one of the open arena rooms (if they are full, more will be added) and either make a move with white, or play a move as black in response. Try and establish time controls (1 move per hour/day, etc.), whether it's a single game or a match game (Win = 1 point, Loss = 0 points, Draw = .5 Points each) and put the game in your watch list. Make sure that you sign on as a player in the room itself, and include your sig so it can be shown in the games list!

Games in progress

  • Brigade and Kingpazter prove their points Bb6 vs Bxc5

Games seeking partners

  • sign up here

zibabh@yahoo.com Kazz

gigantor_getting_messages@hotmail.com Danetrix


zef@free.cotse.net Left Elbow of Ragnaros

Fabuloso Hangman

Now has its own Fabuloso Hangman page...

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