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Great ideas

We're much more likely to use Ideas from this section. Please don't move ideas here unless they really are great.

Hint: put your idea in "Ideas" below. Trust someone else to move it here.

S-s-s-Something from the Condiments

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I like this. See Talk:Fabuloso Friday/Brainstorming
LLOL -- you got a Literal Laugh Out Loud from me. --Ronen


  • You should ask Ze PowerGroup, http://www.ze.com/index129.html, what their power move is.
  • Ze as Shatner as Rocket Man. Without blinking.
  • Zefrank must tell his own version of The Aristocrats.
  • Our team finally finished the theshow fabuloso friday intro splash animation front clip scene. Many Bothans died. Not for information, but just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Stupid Bothans.
this is pretty amusing... but can we get a version running at about 3x the speed? the pace is a bit slow for the show. muyfabulosotalk
yikes! this intro movie sucks. seriously. please don't use it. Mr malaise 03:11, 7 June 2006 (PDT)


More Songs - This time Sandwiches

I want 15 seconds of celebratory make the world a sandwich happiness. It was a moving moment to know it all came together, and I want a song to really make the moment special.

Marshmallow Peeps

Somewhere this episode has to incorporate some Peeps, in keeping with the mutual love and respect for lil duckies.

Yes!!! Some spy story made entirely with Peeps caracters! A devil goose trying to invade the Pond...


ZE: Hello, and welcome to Fabuloso Friday, the show where viewers like YOU write the script for me. Today on Fabuloso Friday, I will be getting a tattoo that says, "Bush Knew" on my forehead.

Close up, ZE: Bush knew what? That thousands would die on September 11, and he did nothing to stop it?

Wide, ZE: Maybe I should just get a tattoo that says, "I Love Amanda" on my ass. That would be AWESOME. Cut to shot of Ze's ass (or somebody else's if he won't show his.)

And so on... (Each tattoo idea could be a whole thought skit in itself, but the show would end with Ze actually getting a tattoo of our choosing!

He said "take it up a notch"!

Pictured here judging an invisible giants tight ass competition

We really need some "pictured here" jokes!

    I agree!


  • What happened to the fucking peanut butter?
  • In Asshole Babies, Congdon transition done while wearing wig, tight Sports Racer t-shirt, and stuffed bra.
  • Like the idea of the Ze transition in "Trust my audience."
  • "I'm not a duck. I'm a mallard-American."
LLOL --Ronen
  • Dislike idea of Somethin from the Bible, unless made funnier...maybe as a televangelist?
  • Ze goes from dirty space news to mercury in tuna being bad for women (ie MSNBC Article) and showing the following picture TunaSafe and ending with Tuna Tattoo
  • More songs!!! How about a Country music style rap, sung by Ze in a cowboy hat. Read a draft below:
Is it golden? (overlapping: 'duckies') Is it walnut? (o/l: 'yeehaw')
Is it solid? (o/l: 'naughty') Is it wet? (o/l: 'blak')
Will it jump across the puddle,
When black gold is on the bed?
You hate your boss, well so do I.
Let's build a bridge, and let's be pals.
Let's bomb a school, let's scream and shout.
When asked tough questions,
Let's pose and pout.
(insert this Bush Image
Tough business, never finding terror...
How 'bout a glance in the 'mirra'?
  • S-s-s-something from the Bible. Preferably the Old Testament. Like in I Kings, when Elisha (with the power of God) calls on bears to maul forty-two youth who called him a baldhead.
  • A new musical segment: "This Is A Bad Meme You Mindless Comment-Leaving Idea Whores" wherein Ze screams in abject acting-horror for ten seconds while displaying a picture of a volcano from a website discussing Scientology. I hate everyone.
  • someone sets fire to Ze's stank ass bathrobe and Little Ducky gets thrown in or saved from a well by the Bobo Twins.
  • He should sing a song about the history of the universe... from a Scientologist's perspective. [1]
  • I think that Zefrank should tell his own version of The Aristocrats.
  • S-s-s-omethin from the three-armed baby
  • I think the three armed baby [2] needs coverage. Just look at the picture, it's dirty...
  • Activities with pancakes
  • Wake up early and visit the rocketboom set
  • Interview of Annie (A) by Ze (Z) using cat sign language & explanatory subtitles (only subtitles below- you know the cat signs for it):
Z: What is your favorite dish?
A: Lox, not that you ever get it for me.
Z: And your favorite beverage?
A: Lemonade from the big bowl.
Z: What's your favorite lullaby?
A: Any song that includes a belch.
Z: Want to ask the viewers anything?
A: Yeah. What's the deal with the duckies?
  • Go on the Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart and talk about politics sarcastically together.
  • Five seconds of fast frame-by-frame showing this page's history, how the script developed, as a closer?
  • Ze balances a ducky on head for entire show.
  • Ze makes fun of the dumb ideas presented on this page, then says "Screw it. I knew this Friday Faboloso thing would backfire." He continues with the show as normal.
  • Regular show except Ze is all gothed out with, like, 60 bucks worth of hot topic clothes and merchandise
  • Ze clips in George W. random photos to "How Do You Work This Thing?" imagine the possibilities...
  • If TheShow ends with a shot of Ze under the bed, it should open with a shot of Annie under the bed.
  • Sit in front of you crib playing guitar for $$. See how much you can make in a day.
  • Do an entire show in the subway or in the back of a cab. (Or the Staten Island Ferry... get out and get some fresh air, anyways; you look pale.)
  • Introduce us to some of your favourite people. On video.
  • Drive-thru liquor stores...
  • Drive-thru ATMs with Braile... There's one by my house. I'm sure you can think of something funny to say about that.
  • Go into your local Starbucks and ask the barrista to say the following, while staring directly at the camera: "Yes. No. I. This is." Thank him/her and then tip generously. (Obligatory neighborhood note: Caroline would totally do that (she's the one who looks like a record store clerk), as would Liz (henna'ed hair, Brooklyn accent.) Austin would do it and pay you for the privelege, but then he'd insist on talking to you about it every single time you went into the store for approximately forever. So no Austin.)
  • Amanda Congdon makes a (non-nude) live appearance to give Ze a ducky.
  • Amanda Congdon makes a (nude) live appearance to give Ze a ducky (and/or blowjob).
  • Hawaiian Skirt Friday!
  • Record the show with you speaking in reverse. Then reverse the audio so it sounds correct.
  • Steal food trays from fast food restaurants and place them under rear tires of front wheel drive car w/emergency brake on. Attempt to drive in straight line (large parking lot recommended).
  • S-s-s-something from the comments, from Thursday.
  • there should be nothing but ze making motor boat sounds with his lips in slow motion!
  • Make it rain inside!
  • Discuss how the expansion of Islam will profit the world. Also, talk about cheese. Have you ever made your own type of cheese?
  • Discuss a dinner planned for 4
  • Annie eats the Giant Baby!
  • Have Tom Strasthle make an appearance to show off his Sports Racer logo.
  • Sped up footage of eating lots of junk food (pound of skittles?)(C'mon... poor guy's already got the trots...)
  • Your cat needs to make an appearance. Yes! I definitely want to see annie....
I am another person and I second this! And don't you have TWO cats? Can we meet the other one? (How about as a ten-second chase shot through your apartment, followed by "Are the new viewers gone yet?")
  • I want to see some dancing. The Monkey Dance especially, on a bed but YOUR bed not some hotel room bed. Dancing the Monkey Dance. Plus some other dancing.
  • Speculate about what your job may in fact be. Cut to shots of you looking awkward performing said jobs.
  • Ze moves to Canada, and proceeds to attempt to fit in, but fails miserably because he can't say eh properly
Interpret this diagram
Interpret this diagram
  • your interpretation of the diagram at right
  • Do the entire show without using the word "the."
  • Record one section where you speak, e.g. "Something from the comments", and then reverse your recording. Learn to speak the reversed speech. Record that and reverse it again. This is of course totally pointless. (Very "David Lynch"...)
  • 1) Find baby with gold. 2) Trade him/her walnuts for it. 3) Profit!
  • Ze should have a glass of whiskey besides the cigar, and should be drinking from it all the time. The whole show would get progressively good as he gets drunk...
  • Sing "Sur Le Pont D'Avignon" Sur le pont d'Avignon, L'on y danse, l'on y danse; Sur le pont d'Avignon, L'on y danse tout en rond. Les beaux messieurs font comme ça; Et puis encore comme ça.
  • Any other ideas? No talking.
  • Dueling slogans [with the usual juxtaposing close-ups and closer-ups]: Awesome! Asshole. Awesome. Asshole. Awesome. Asshole!
  • Make an entire show while falling-down drunk.
For best results, get really drunk and then fall from a high place. Cuz, you see, the high place will give you more time for jokes, and the alcohol will slowly deteriorate your liver.
  • Use the word "feces" at least once
Experiment with "feces monger"
  • Conversation, about anything:
"Why did you do that?"
"I was thoisty!"
  • Do entire show in stupid mocking English accent from that show when you were in Europe
  • Self-defeating signs like "Da Vinci Code Free Zone"
  • New song: "Is that an elite member of the russian mafia in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"
  • Have God, Christ or Satan appear in the form of a sock puppet.
  • S-s-s-something from the Bible.
  • [snap-cut edit] Ze orders a Big Mac and a large Fries at his regular Starbucks, or something else incongruous (like a round-trip ticket to Bermuda or something) with Slow-motion video of the clerk's reaction. (even though by now they would know Ze does those sorts of things and would not give much of a reaction if any at all)
  • Ze: Tee Hee... antics...
  • A montage of Ze stroking a hypothetical beard whilst pondering graffiti 'round his neighborhood. Clips of going 'poop' in public places.
  • The video and audio probably shouldn't match up at all.
  • Goofy pictures of Amanda Congdon in "transition mode." These demonstrate why it's hard for a pretty woman to act silly:
  • Ze: Mä pidän poopsta!....ja duckies...DUCKIES
  • Ze: Today I reupholstered an entire watermelon with orange peels! [montage]
  • Call Ze's bluff on the douchebag thing. He's only making fun of that part of the script because he's afraid of it. He's afraid of the POWER of PARTICIPATORY MEDIA.
  • I know there's already a Starbucks reference, but here is another:

Ze:Are you feeling constipated? Then head over to Starbucks and try their new latte - it's called the Colon Eraser!! Do you feel it coming?

Raw Material

Old, partial script

An old, odd version of the script is here.


  • I think you should do something on these stories being on Drudge today:
  • Student Suspended for Eating Staff Member's Cookie...
  • Parent objects to punishment...
  • Woman shot while stealing gas...

Links to Video Content Prepared for Show

Incredibly cute!! I really like them... don't know how they would fit in the show, but I just really like these videos! --Gelbi 21:20, 6 June 2006 (PDT) [Thanks, Gelbi! -Sam]

Fan Vlogs for anti-inspiration

  • Are you a Sports Racer? Do you have a Vlog? Put your link here:
  • Vlog Soup - A free tour of the video blogosphere.
  • JonWedd.com - mentioned during S-s-s-something from the comments today
I think it would be funny if Ze played some part of your video comment and zoomed in on the bottle of vodka next to your computer monitor.Yves 13:28, 7 June 2006 (PDT)
  • cinemalog - A videoblog by a filmmaker who couldn't find any other place to put these videos.
  • Gleaming The Cubicle - I am hijacking this part of the site to put a link to a fun video i made. enjoy!
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