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Ze: Class, today's word is 'Cacti'.

Ze: [looking off-camera] No, Allison, don't say it, just write it down. Dingus, stop touching.

Ze: Cacti is plural for cactus, a latin word meaning 'cactus'.

Ze: [Staring off camera] [beat] I'm not going to stop until you stop, Billy.

Ze: [voice languid and lax] So, wait. Shouldn't the plural form of bus

[cut to two copies of the pridebus image]

Ze: be bi?

Ze: [Annoyed and snooty English Accent] English is the low-hanging fruit of languages.

Ze: [Reads a note handed from offscreen, becomes dissapointed] No, Bobo Twins, it's "Penises".

Ze: The problem with low-hanging fruit is...


Ze: [toothiest grin possible, giggling] fruit means gay

Ze: ...all you can make out of it is low-hanging jam.

Ze: [offended] Who wants that?!

[cut to two random seconds of the Star Spangled Banner's chorus sung in Spanish with Ze lip synching in English, like in kung fu movies]

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