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Here's where we kick things up a level. (Shh... don't tell the others.)

Weddster's Pre-Intro/Viewer Challenge

MEDIUM SHOT, not typical close up

Ze:[in a normal voice] Hi, I'm Ze Frank. Today is Fabuloso Friday. Thank you to everyone who participated, I hope you had a lot of fun. Today I have a new challenge for you. A real challenge. I want you all to make the world a better place.


I'm talking about volunteering your time, getting involved in a cause you believe in, being more aware of how you effect the world around you, and making people smile. I'm not going to tell you exactly what to do, that's up to each of you individually. Post a comment, or send in a video of what you do to make the world a better place. Thank you.

[close up]

Ze:[excited] Now it's my turn to make people smile [big smile]



Ze: Are the new viewers gone yet? [No, that's not the point of this section.]

[ Then transition to the rest of the fabuloso Friday Script ]

  • This doesn't seem right as an opening, especially with the goofiness to follow. It could work as an ending along the lines of the "downers" from The Show, but I can't really imagine Ze ever saying something like this.
    • I agree, Ze never would say something like this. THATS THE POINT. If I am in control of his show for a day, I would like to challenge his viewers to do something more than write a goofy script or take photos of bread on the ground. Don't get me wrong, I love that stuff, it's hilarious, and it is what Ze is good at, but this is an opportunity to possibly inspire a few people. Call me overly optimistic. As for whether it is at the beginning or the end, it doesn't matter to me, but then my transition at the end doesnt make any sense ;) --JonWedd
      • Even if you do that, the VERY LAST LINE taints the rest of the show.
        • The idea here is good but it would need to be more pithy and less (sorry) sanctimonious (sic). Wish i had a good idea for what this would be!
          • How about focusing on the part about "making people smile"? And placing this bit after the intro of "are the old viewers gone yet"--isn't that where he'd issue a challenge anyway?, unless this bit is meant to drive the old viewers away!
                • This is complete crap. This pretentious dribble will alienate viewers. I am completely against this. Also, i need to dip my body into a bathtub full of vagisil because I am big itchy pussy.
                  • I added the Are the new viewers gone yet line and I think this is perfect. Otherwise, CUT. Yves
                    • I cut the mention of the earth sandwich, trying to make this intro more sanctimoniously different from the usual show.
                      • Whatever dudes. Just keep it because you never know.

Kick it up a level

One way of looking at Ze's show is that he strings together a collection of short concepts to form a longer theme. I do not believe that the approach being followed in the main article (a long narrative) is being true to the format of the show.

I would like to develop short, strong concepts that are ten seconds in length. They can be on any topic whatsoever. A theme does not have to emerge at this point. At the last minute, we can string together the ones that flow best. muyfabulosotalk

I think we're doing OK at developing several short(ish) segments mostly independantly. The transition between sections in the main article script are fairly jarring, at least. But I agree that we need a development area for new segments. AaronStJ 13:28, 6 June 2006 (PDT)
I also agree. I think it should be more like fight club, where Ze encourages his watchers to really do something important.

Kick it WAY up

I completely disagree that Fabulouso Friday should resemble one of Ze's usual show's. I see this as an opportunity to try out completely new segments & approaches that Ze hasn't already invented. To give Ze some credit, I don't think we can be as funny as he is if we are just immitating his writing style.

So what I am suggesting is that you think about what you would do if you had Ze's power for a day - that is his camera & his audience. Don't think, what would Ze want or not want to do.

I know this is nothing without some examples to back it up. So I fully intend to add some tomorrow... that part takes some thought. Just wanted to get this out there now, see if it inspires anyone. -Jon Wedd

  • I totally support this line of thinking (and moved your comments to the top). Now back it up! muyfabulosotalk
  • To offer a contrary opinion on this, when you're trying to write for something that already has a style, the challenge is to keep the style and do it as well as it's been done in the past. Too many times when people get control of something the first thing they do is try "something that hasn't been done before" and what they wind up doing is nothing people want to see. Bobbie mac


What about adding a CNN-style crawl to the bottom of the screen? "Starbucks introduces the Lax-a-ccino(r)", "5% of US given to sudden outbursts of rage; 80% of those live in Brooklyn", etc

  • Nice idea and I'd be willing to work on it, but we'd need a ton of content to fill 3 minutes. Also, the small size of the movie frame might make it hard to see. Bobbie mac
  • Or how about a bombastic intro theme like a Fox News segment. Get rendering some mad shiny 3D metal letters now!! Mr malaise 06:32, 8 June 2006 (PDT)


is there a web designer out there who can make a CSS stylesheet? it should have a different look for the day

You could just edit his existing css file. We could put Web 2.0 in the title and make the background pink. A post some feedback here and I'll work on it. Also - will Ze let us do this? We're just providing a script - he didn't say we could muck up his site...

Kicking it in the pants

I appreciate the Hawaiian Friday theme. Ze obviously has been burned by this wonderful tradition. Perhaps it started like this... Flashback needed... Ze in his first real job, definately a desk job, coming to work happy, content in his bright hawaain shirt. Perhaps even high-fivin' some buddies who are in awe of his laid back ultra cool style.. "Ze, sweet hawiaan shirt bro". "Yo Ze, that shit is dope" from the water cooler. Ze arrives at his desk and starts pushing the pencil... when suddently his shit wad boss pokes his head over the cube and to Ze's shock, he too is wearing a hawaiin shirt. Just begging for admiration, "Cool shirt, right Ze?" CU to Ze's shock face, sound "poop", back to the boss, the smug smile "poop" , back to Ze. This a fire in Ze's life was extingushed. Flashing to ze in the office bathroom setting his shirt on fire and smoking a cigarete without shirt, in the bathroom, as the fire alarm goes off and he's in the rain....

Back to present time...

SSSSS-something from the commments...


We can FedEx him something tomorrow evening if we come up with it now. What should it be?

I don't think he's giving us his address. Call it a hunch.
There are enough people here that I'm sure we can find someone he already knows to handle delivery details. muyfabulosotalk
I can do the delivery -- clay

Celebrity cameo

Who knows somebody that'd be hip to it?


The lyrics were "Fabuloso Friday's where you make the show for me / Everything I say and do except no nudity." Seems like a challenge to me. How can we spin it?

Have him do a segment naked, but with a duckie "fig leaf" added in post-prod.
Would add value to the unrated DVD version when he becomes a star... muyfabulosotalk

S-s-something from the Bible

Someone copied my script into the mainline working script. Please, for the love of God, go edit it there until it's funny. (Original text source: http://www.blueletterbible.org/kjv/Deu/Deu022.html) AaronStJ 14:10, 6 June 2006 (PDT)

Ze in saran wrap 05:01, 7 June 2006 (PDT)

S-s-something planted in the comments

The dumbest thing on the first page is that "we can't write the 's-s-something from the comments' yet because we don't know what will be in the comments the day before." Bullshit. We can put whatever we want in the comments the day before. Start writing it now, right here, with the smart and fun people.

Since people keep complaining about the comments, how about this:

Ze: Nuh-nuh-nothing from the comments.


Then Ze could just laugh hysterically or something. It's simple and to the point.

The 'nothing from the comments' joke is really funny. --RonenWasTaken

I agree nuthin from the comments is perfect - it is short and funny....

Grant me three wishes...

He's going to say what we tell him to say. So if we make him say "Next week king of the comments returns!" then it returns. How can we use this power but not abuse it?

More importantly, how can we use this power and abuse it? --Maus 14:03, 6 June 2006 (PDT)

Ah, Nomic, thy name is self-amending systems. One possible answer is to get him to say that next Fabuloso Friday, nudity will be allowed... User:HokieMokie As a matter of fact, nudity would be required.

"Amanda, will you marry me?"

Just Ze It

What would Ze be doing if there were know 'the show'. What would a just normal day of Ze be...with no show. A singular show about not having any show at all. Free of the shackles of not having to deliver funny after funny...what would he do? Would he be fabuloso (still)? On a Friday no less? No power moves, no Amanda/Rocketboom competition, no duckies....just ze....and maybe Annie too. Or....why does knowledge rest on the weekend? What does it do....? DO!?

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