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Add your scripts for Fabuloso Friday 3.


Fabuloso Friday 3 - 1 Min. Script

(Hey, Ze. Use part(s) of this or all of it if you like.)


(silent) Ze: Watching a duckie float by in a fake minature hot air balloon (not essential, but this would be a bonus...)

Knowledge Ze: (Standing above a chair) Good morning sports racers, this is a Fabuloso Science Friday! Today's show is about gas...(voice trailing)

Backround: fart sound.

Knowledge Ze: Not that kind of gas.

Juvenile Ze: (interrupting and very excited face) A show about farts?!?

Knowledge Ze: (face of disgust) No, this show is not about farts! This show is about the science of gas in balloons...(voice trailing)

Gay Ze: (sitting with several helium balloons) I just adore balloons!

Juvenile Ze: (look of confusion on face) How do you get the farts into balloons?

Knowledge Ze: (look of exasperation on face) No, no, no, this show is not about party balloons, its about hot air balloons...

Gay Ze: (look of major disappointment) (speaking after have sucked helium, {or in a high voice}) But I like party balloons (let go of an opened balloon such that it goes flying across the screen)

Ze with Mustache:(Holding up clear balloons with different emoticons drawn on them) Come on children swallow these and fly to America for me.

Juvenile Ze: (still not getting it, trying to be helpful) Farts are hot gases!

Knowledge Ze: (shakes head in disgust, maybe sighs, sits down in chair) Have a whoopie cushion in the chair seat; when Knowledge sits on it, giant fart sound. Without saying a thing, an extreme look of embarassment goes across his face

Gay Ze: (sitting in a corner and pinching his nippels)

Juvenile Ze: (huge smile, maybe clapping)

Ze: Are the new viewers gone yet? 'Cause i really want to whip it out and-(it cuts out)

SHOW Good morning Sports racers it's December 13th. knowledge says if you can sing in the shower, why not sing in someone else's shower...while they're in it. It's FABULOSO FRIDAY again!!! anyhoo: Knowledge Ze: Do a very short science description of hot air balloons. Maybe find a clip of a duckie hot air balloon ([1]) Eventually need a picture of gas burner injecting burning gas into a balloon.

Ze: When women have gas they say the're bloated... Oh wait, that's when the're having their perioooo. Let's not go there.

Ze: (serious voice) But the essential point of all hot air balloons is that they must have periodic injections of new hot gas, otherwise they come crashing down.(giggles) (now quickly switch over to a spokesperson you wish to skewer and do a news story on)

Ze: I love being you're marionnette. I'm a fabuloso marionette. Marry one ette.

Ze: Speaking of masturbation, CNN.com reports that while riding the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at MGM Studios, Walt Disneyworld with his mom, his dad and his seven year old sister, a twelve year old boy went unconscious and shortly later died at Celebration Hospital...*cough*...cele..bration? Ze: (really happy and sarcastic) In other news people died in Iraq! And those terrorists in Miami... may not be! (angry) Dammit Bush fucks up for 6ish (so-so hand gesture) so years now and now even Disney Management is fucking up too! What next? Windows computers will start getting Spy Ware and Viruses through e-mail attachments?

Ze: (In fabouloso chess mocking voice) Hahaha. I'd like to see that happen.

Ze: (sorry voice) Sorry, Bonesaw... Didn't mean to say all that, the fabulosos made me...

Ze: (straight faced) I like how now we are all just coming to the realization that global warming is real! Assholes... (Inner monologue: covering up tracks) The ones who didn't believe it before, not you other people...

Ze: (sorry voice) This makes me hate duckies! Not really. (smiles, a big fat smile, double chin) But i still hate those blasted mongolians!

Ze: Except for the following... exceptions.

Ze: Number One.

Ze: Yumjaagiyn Tsedenbal. I loved him in that, um, thing. That thing that he did. With Jane Fonda. (suddenly remembers) Had her ruthlessly executed.

Ze: Number Two.

Ze: Genghis Khan. He raped and pillaged and made himself wealthy.

Ze: There's something about setting bad examples in there somewhere...

Ze: (Italian accent, wearing a Mario hat) I AM A HUGE DOUCHEBAG!

Ze: (reading a copy of the New York Times wearing a jacket and some boxer shorts, lying on a bed next to shop window dummy) Ah Mr Bush, you old scoundrel!


(League of Awesomeness Logo)

Ze: (reading league letter) Holy crap! It appears here that the Chess Rules of Awesomeness allow any player to move their king into check. Dang!

Ze: (mocking voice) Oh fabulosos, I am but a pawn in the hands of your evil genius. (crying) King to d2.

Ze: Show unplugged? Okay... Next friday you will get your just dessert! Mmm...

(1 second black)

Ze: (alter ego) Sell-out!

Ze: Me?

(2 seconds black)

Ze: Oh, and in case you forgot, I am a duche bag grande. (cut to a huge creepy sarcastic smile)

~If you were able to find a fake hot air balloon for duckie to fly around in, it is essential that you flash a quick screen stating that no duckies were harmed during the filming of "the show"~

END - By: Mike M and Angus R.

Other Ideas


  • How about a bit about the Zepplin and it's big explosion.
  • Ze:He's all just hot air.
  • Everything involving 'issues' such as Global Warming, the war on terror, etc, should be recorded, then dubbed over with Ze repeatedly saying "ISSUES." in a low and ominous voice, replacing the original sound.
  • ze should psychoanalyze himself with the typical leather couch prop. When camera is on Dr. ze (i.e. from patient ze's perspective, lying on the couch), we see patient ze's feet with duckie slippers. what questions, though? should patient ze be obsessed with something, or should he manage to talk Dr. ze into questioning his own sanity...? hmmm
  • ze puts up the June 16th show, we all showed our bare asses.
    • Actually he required that we show our asses AND faces... only a handful have done that.
      • Actually - no joke - he re-posted the 6/16 show (at least it's still up as of 7/6).
  • Ze should stare at the camera from a full body shot with a shit eating grin, deadlocked, wide eyed stare and piss his pants before continuing with the rest of the show. He won't do it... I guarantee you...
  • Also, for something to be considered a 'Low Fat' version of a product by the FDA, it has to have 30% less fat than the ordinary product.
  • explain your love of duckies. and how come you have no eyelashes.
  • give me some great ideas on how to have fun with my lady friend in vegas, besides the obvious...
  • You can put the name of any country before "bakery" and it sounds good and before "prison" and it sounds bad. "Hey honey, did you see that new Argentinian bakery that opened around the corner?" Yum! "Help me, I've just been thrown into an Argentinian prison!" Ouch. (Oddly, neither of these bits works with "Canada.")
  • You can't go wrong with monkeys. Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys.
  • If you say that John Maine has "it" in any episode, I guarantee you Mets fans across the country will be going to your site.


  • eat a powerbar, and assuming you survive that (and assuming that just getting to see someone eat one of those things isn't entertaining enough), let's see what it does to your power move.
  • Have Ze make a really bad chess move/forfeit.
  • Ze should randomly stop doing any of the above parts of the segment, stare at the camera. Sweetly his lips shall trmelbe and his eyes water. A gentle sob turns into a screaming wailing torrent of unhappiness and displeasure. Alternatively, he could skip all that and instead interrupt the fabuloso segment by doing a wicked awesome cat immitation for about 5 seconds.
  • Ze should write grafitti on the wall behind him adding a bit between each edit so the wall slowly fills up over the course of the broadcast.
  • Ze should complain that he misplaced "most of his testicles"
  • Ze should blink.--and just say "O-M-G! Did I just blink!?!?! All of my calculations must have been incorrect!"


  • "Good morning sports racers it's Fabuloso Friday, the Friday that's fabuloso becouse i say it is." (closeup) "Asshole!"
  • "Knowledge says I order Diet Coke at Burger King 'cus I think regular soda will make me plumper than usual"
  • (Like a little girl) "Umm, could I have 7 fatty McFat Burgers and some deep fried freedom fries with tons of extra salt, and oh yeh a diet coke, I'm trying to watch my figure."(wink)
  • Someone let Uncle Pervis in up there... and I think he just got out of prison... In fact, I think Ze needs an Uncle Pervis hand puppet (who just got out of prison). Shadow puppets taking a poop... something like that. Just throwing stuff out there...

And how about some peep jousting?


  • Many newer digital still cameras can be configured to automatically take pictures at some pre-set interval. If you don't have one of these, borrow one. Set it up in the place where you produce Fabuloso Friday 3 and set the interval to something like 1 minute. Carefully observe the area that's in the frame. While you, Ze, make the show, you are absolutely forbidden to leave this area. This means that beforehand, you need to put all of your equipment there, the props, some food and beverages, and something to pee into. When you're done with the show, the series of images produced by the still camera is compiled into a movie and appended to the show, as an outro. It will look really funny if you set it to something like the Benny Hill Show theme.
  • "This is Ze, wearing pants so you don't have to."



  • Q1: I would like to know what format is required for the scripts first. For instance, is the time limited again? Also, what about bringing some of the previously unused material? Zube 18:30 26 June 2006 (GMT+3)


  • A1: It seems like no one has put up a format. So either mod the script or put up a 15 second idea in the "Other Ideas" area.

Fabuloso Friday 3

Fabuloso Friday 3

FADE IN: Picture of a rubik's cube. The picture is there for three seconds followed immediately by...

FRANK practices his golf swing. (In an English Accent) "Where's my grandmother, she always wanted me to build her a sled."

FRANK hears things and wanders around the room, searching for a vent. He is upset to find out that there aren't any vents. He concludes that since there are no vents, there wasn't a sound.

FRANK "Why, isn't this a bisquick morning?"

DUCKY "Moo."

FRANK "Where have all the cowboys gone?"

DUCKY "Good question, lets check the library"

FRANK "I can chew a whole pack of gum."

DUCKY "Do it.

FRANK proceeds to stuff a whole pack of WINTERFRESH gum into his mouth, when he is finished, he decides to challenge DUCKY to a game of hopscotch, only after putting on the official pink wig and polka dotted dress that all hopscotch players must wear. Camera cuts to the finish of the match, with FRANK sweating.

FRANK "In recent news... my mom helped dress me this morning."

FRANK looks slightly confused.

FRANK "And I am a huge baby."

INVISIBLE TWIN FRANK "Yeah, you're mom's bitch."

FRANK nods, but when he notices the camera is on him he shakes his head and mouths "No." very slowly.

DUCKY says: "Frank, will I ever go through puberty? I still sound like Alvin... and all of the other chipmunks."

FRANK "Alvin and the Chipmunks were the best artists of the 20th century."


FRANK "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

DUCKY joins in. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"


DUCKY "Yay! I love Aunt Jemima!"

FRANK and DUCKY "Oh... S-S-S-Something from the comments.

Ducky's mom wrote: Frank, why don't you drink a whole glass of skim milk?"

FRANK "Well, Ducky's mom, maybe I will."

FRANK drinks a whole glass of skim milk and before he can catch his breath he says: "Just like mom used to make."

FRANK enters BATHROOM, followed by the stop-motion animation of DUCKY breakdancing behind FRANK.

FRANK "Syphilis."

DUCKY "Chlamydia."


DUCKY "Quack."

FRANK "What the..."

DUCKY "Quack."


DUCKY "Quack."

FRANK (Sexually)"Oh yeah!"

DUCKY turns into a BEAR

FRANK "You've done it, you have reached puberty"

BEAR (Sounds like Hulk Hogan, or the kool-aide man) "Oh yeah"


BEAR "Lousy, good for nothing"

FRANK "Wow, you can probably run really fast..."

BEAR "Maybe."

FRANK "...Or Fly..."

BEAR "Perhaps"

FRANK "Or share a waffle with me.there Jacob's waffles from waffle night."

BEAR "Shibbety be-donk, my lunka bow wow skibbedy dee, you got it."

FRANK "Robin do dow low scoob francis fernanzo mi bronze squid dibble wik miner."

BEAR "You're right, but first... WAFFLES!"

FRANK and BEAR eat a waffle together. Credits roll, over the credits you can hear FRANK singing a song...

"My biddles only twelve and seven but little squad gloves fit lobster claws. Tonight we dance with the bison, and heard a goat made of sheep skin leather boots that tear my heart in two for the universe to expose."

The credits say: "BOMB, no,go see tandj @ tandj.com yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no. PEACH yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, LAXATIVE yes Starring George Washington as HAIRY RHOMBUS George Forman as BIG TRIANGLE George Jefferson as TINY LIMBOSTICK George Porge as HIMSELF

Nobody takes our toilets, not even our own kind."

The credits repeat until FRANK is finished with his song. 80597750882824734524253

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