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Let's have a travelling parade!

A touring parade. We'll come to your town, find out what you want to celebrate that day and we'll give you a parade. Complete with a band and acrobats and of course we need a giant, Macy's Parade Sized GIANT BABY! Get a bus and blaze graphics across it.

"We're coming to your town! What do you want to celebrate?" But nobody knows where the Giant Baby Parade will show up next. Hell we could have 5 giant inflatable babies to keep everyone guessing. An African-American, Asian-American, Indigenous, Latino and a European Giant Baby. At the end all 5 travelling, giant baby, parade creating, camps would come together for the Giant Baby Pangea!

Assembling ideas on the [ | Racin' Sports Pinterest Page ] all are welcome to contribute.

Landmark Giant Baby[1] Blimpus Kickstarter Project[2]

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