I Gave Myself A Ducky Today

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I Gave Myself A Ducky Today(part of the New Fangled Holiday Songs project)

The story of a misunderstood sportsracer left alone on christmas day.

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The song is currently finished, though it may be edited or remixed/mastered when the video is complete.

NB: The video still needs your participation !

Contributing sportsracers: TerenceInParis, Diordna, Awed job, Bianca inez, Helsbells, Pirateboy

Guest starring: Sportsracers who called in to the SRDD (Sports Racer Drunk Dial) before 12/12/06


Musical input and sequencing; second couplet and chorus. Sports Racer Drunk Dial cut-outs.
  • Backing and falsetto vocals:
Backing Vocals 1a/1b: Layered over each other
Backing Vocals 2a/2b: Again, layered. Starts on beat 1 of measure 1 of the phrase.
Falsetto Vocals 1/2: Octaves sung over the chorus. I don't really like the second one, but the first one makes it sound very moody, which I like.
  • Verse Idea:
Every Christmas Day ends up the same
My family won't call cause they think I'm deranged
It's raining outside, I can't play in the snow
All I do is sit and watch Ze Frank's show
I try to remedy my boredom
By clicking on the sidebar, visiting the forum
I tape a lot of clips for the movie for Ray
I ponder life, the universe, duckies, and Ze
  • Backing vocals
  • Shoutout
Bianca Inez
  • Verse Idea:
Posting goes round the clock and world
Hang on we'll take you for a whirl
from L.A *beat* to N.Y *beat*
Across the sea, England and France.
  • Shoutout and chanting
Awed Job
  • Shoutout and chanting
Nader, Rollome : thematic input
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