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The term power move was not clearly defined by Ze, but from the examples presented on the show, it is generally a short, martial arts-style movement lasting five to 10 seconds. Sports Racers are encouraged to develop and submit Power Moves, some of which Ze will occasionally showcase during the show. A Sports Racer with an awesome power move is sometimes given a "Sports Racer name" which - presumably - means induction into The League of Awesomeness.

Ze continues to showcase power moves submitted by viewers, betraying an underlying feeling of compassion for those brave enough to subject themselves to international ridicule.



On the January 29, 2007 episode, Ze discussed the passage on page 106 in the League of Awesomeness Manual that described the creation of power moves. They were apparently created in 1785 when Amadeus Mozart injured his hand. This was taken as a sign of birth of the Giant Baby, and to combat the coming Giant Baby, the League of Awesomeness established power moves at their first international summit.

Ze's Power Move


Ze's own power move, Thunderclaw, is a simple but graceful maneuver that he demonstrated in his April 6, 2006 episode.

Group Power Moves

There are a few known cases of group power moves. The first was performed by Sports Racers Twinkle, Buddy, Ruff Ruff, and Blade, and shown on the April 20, 2006 episode. The Big Things performed their croquet power move in the quack attack showdown and became one of the Power 16. Buddy and Ruff Ruff, two of the four Sports Racers from the original group power move, have also submitted another group power move. It is also in the Power 16.

Child and Animal Power Moves

Five children have performed power moves: Bonesaw, Trumple-Popo, Pidgeon Chaser, Tanglepuppy and Harmony.

According to Ze in the April 11th, 2006 episode, animals cannot perform power moves. He states: "Power moves are for people."

Power Move Tips

  • On April 25, 2006 Ze showed a rather garish power move submitted by Ian. His response was negative. Ze sympathized, however, and then showed his own first embarrassing attempt at a power move. Ze says "...Being a Sports Racer is more than just looking cool and impressing your friends; it's about being as awesome as you can be."
  • On Aug 21, 2006 Ze shows a Power Move submitted by Casey. Ze responds, "Casey, backflips are cool, especially if you want to impress us ladies, but you have to reach inside yourself metaphorically, not physically with your finger, to find your Power Move". He then contrasts Casey's attempt with the one submitted by Tanglepuppy.
  • On Sep. 5, 2006 Tex submits a Power Move consisting of spinning a trombone around himself, but Ze responds "Tex, you clean your room and don't try to pawn your marching band moves off on me. That's no power move and you know it."
  • Other Power Moves that have been positively received were accompanied by the comment "you can do that power move anywhere!" This appears to be an important criterion for aspiring sports racers to consider when crafting their own power move. (May 3, 2006, Jun 16, 2006)

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