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Hey Sports Racers....

I'm trying to design a new shirt for the gallery (and possibly sale) but I will need at least 100 of your favorite quotes from the show

All you guys should design one too! Seriously everyone should so at least one good shirt gets made (I don't really know that much about t-shirt design)

I need all the help I can get to make the shirt the best it can be Jimthenglishman 17:49, 8 January 2007 (PST)

List them here (I put some of the basic ones to start you off)

  1. Good Morning Sports Racers This is The Show With Ze Frank
  2. What's Your Power Move?
  3. Solamente Gags
  4. Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Day
  5. Are The New Viewers Gone Yet?
  6. Who's That Baby Trading Walnuts For Gold?
  7. Who Likes The Little Duckies in the Pond?
  8. Hi - I'm Ze! What's Something I like that's Gay
  9. S-s-s-somethin' From the Comments
  10. Say the Opposite!
  11. Say the opposite! Say the opposite! Say the same thing.
  12. Any individual entity that presumes to understand the rules that guide this space is under an illusion
  13. Worst __________ ever!
  14. The White House seems to have lost its Crystal Ball!!
  15. A-chicka quack quack.
  16. Next time you rake up those leaves realize you're about to jump into a pile of tree shit.
  17. Sleeping macho looks very attractive on a man.
  18. Stupid anal beads
  19. I suppose you'd call it, "Intellectual Comedy."
  20. Oh, bitch!
  21. Bonnet de douche b-b-b-bonnet de douche
  22. What is this... is this a show?
  23. Don't swim upstream baby, the future was right where you were!
  24. Don't skimp on my line, bitch. I'm constipated
  25. This is Ze Frank, thinking so you don't have to
  26. Stupid Chicken
  27. Am I hungover? Sure. Now if those labels make you feel better, but does that stop the truth rocket... ship, from coming? Hell no
  28. I came across this paper version of the Internet
  29. Dirty dirty space news
  30. Po po zoa
  31. My head feels like dogs balls
  32. One member of Boston does not a hit make
  33. I'll grab the schnitzel if you'll grab a wiener
  34. The show is watched by over one billion viewers... a minute
  35. Asshole
  36. I knows me some ugly Myspace
  37. Knowledge says...
  38. Are the new viewers gone yet?
  39. This car looks like it's sniffing the other car's ass
  40. POOP
  41. hard-chargers
  42. That's how you editing!
  43. That's how you sponsorship!
  44. Put that in the pope and spank him!
  45. Rocking like a hurricane, so you don't have too
  46. They got werewolves back there!
  47. Don't worry, if you've got nothing to hide, there'll never be a reason to hook electrodes to you genitals
  48. Little elevators are far too small for me, So I ride the big ones!
  49. It's a little more complicated than that.
  50. Anti-intellectualism
  51. Yes no I this is
  52. Google is our Dear and Glorious Leader
  53. How do you work this thing?!
  54. Remember, threesomes are morally ambiguous.
  55. Well said... I have a particular fondness for the word "and" myself.
  56. How do you spank a giant baby?
  57. Jokes for nerds.
  58. A twig, a pylon, and a very sore duck
  59. Lets suck on the nipples of truth
  60. Thank God, rabbits need all the help fucking they can get
  61. That's disgusting if god wanted you to have sex with your hand he would have given your hand a vagina
  62. This is Ze Frank shitting his pa—- Who wrote that?
  63. But the Renaissance is, today, as it was: dismembered genitalia and imaginary creatures lying in the laps of fair damsels
  64. By the way: thank you. Without you I'd just be a weirdo, talking to myself
  65. It's a family show, something for everyone.
  66. Shush. No more talking.
  67. I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm doing it so you don't have to.
  68. That person is an idiot and doesn't know how to play Scrabble.
  69. Dweeby Von Asshat
  70. like blow chunks out of a monkey's ass suck
  71. Hindsight is 20/20
  72. Lynn Westmoreland, a boy not a girl.
  73. Quick cuts and silly news
  74. You know how much I like you? Like ffth, eigh, ni ten, fortyn-seven, ni, six-th, ty, four. I don't know.
  75. This little bathtub smells like ass.
  76. Generalized statements ... which instill nebulous fear without specific information are exactly in line with the goals of terrorism.
  77. We've already taken the rights away from the many to protect ourselves from the few
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