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Project Info

This project is simple, yet effective. MissJecka will buy a notebook or sketchbook, nicely decorate it and add the title to the cover. She'll write a note to Ze on the first page (we'll collaborate on this together). Then the fun starts.

Everyone (including MissJecka) will have one full page (this may change, see below) to decorate with whatever they want. It can be a short story, an autobiography, a scrapbook with pictures, a list of quotes, photos of your daily life and/or neighborhood, poetry, a journal entry of your day, newspaper articles, a drawing, a comic strip... anything you want. It can be directed to Ze or it can just be random.

Once you're done with your contribution, you mail it to the next person on the list, a fellow Sports Racer. They do the same, and it continues on around the world, from Sports Racer to Sports Racer. The final recipient will be Ze.

To Register

Everyone who is interested, e-mail rtfeddiary@gmail.com with your full name, ORG/Forum username, and postal address.

The ORG project for this is here

Your addresses will be fully confidential and only used for this project's purposes.

The Plan

1. Get a final name for the project.
2. Create Google account with said name.
3. Create ORG project with said name.
4. Have people either comment in the ORG that they're definitely participating, or e-mail the GMail account (see step 2) with their full name and address. Either way, participants have to e-mail the GMail account with their address. This will have a deadline.
5. Make new thread in The Forum going over the rules, editing them as people make comments about what rules they'd like and won't like.
6. When the deadline passes (see step 4), compile the best route for the notebook to take place.
7. Start a Paypal account and ask for donations to buy the notebook.
8. Decorate the notebook, type up the official rules, write note to Ze on the first page (to be signed by everyone who gets the book), and decorate my page.
9. Send it off to the next recipient.


When someone receives the diary in the mail, they email rtfeddiary@gmail.com to say that they received it, it's in fair condition, and the previous person followed the rules correctly. Then and only then will this person get the address of the next one in line to receive the diary.

The title of the diary will be "Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Diary", with a possible subtitle to be determined later. (If you can think of a subtitle, let us know what your suggestion is.)

Everyone has the option, when they receive the diary, to take a photo of themselves with it or of their page and post it in the ORG project. This isn't mandatory, but if you have a camera and want to show off your stuff, then take some pictures of its journey!


  • United Kingdom
    • kempy0810
    • Creepy Sheep
    • stevegeek
  • Canada
    • darusha
  • United States
    • Pilot
    • knp1968
    • grace fell
    • lukkucairi
    • ms_le
    • wosepedals
    • kylebania
    • smashinghelen
    • Awed_Job
    • TwistedOtter
    • transiit
    • DangerAmy
    • consumatron
    • blankedyblank
    • Space Ace
    • simon24601
    • DawningDay
    • eyeamelise
    • MissJecka
    • Aesahaettr
    • Bfisch1983
    • junokane
    • Ramon Omar
    • ugtv.org
    • Jedi Knight
    • ParrotEyes
    • Aiofe
    • Snooge
    • janine13
    • pirateboy
    • typo180
    • kandibugg
    • Violet Hemlock
    • rubyseeds
    • knitmeapony
    • liquidnight
    • the_Wakeful
    • c70man
    • kylejbritt
    • uncleplayground
    • chuckm
    • BiancaInez
  • South America
    • astropixie
  • Oceania (New Zealand and Australia)
    • jdwpom
    • heath
    • rumoko

Note: Those that are italicized live in the same town as someone else, which can be helpful in avoiding paying for postage by manually handing off the notebook. Keep that in mind!

Notebook Suggestions

Not trying to be anything but unique, I think one of these notebooks made from recycled material would be very cool for the final project! opello 07:33, 23 March 2007 (PDT)

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