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RunningFool is making a trip across The United States with a little help from some strangers.


Press Kit

Awed Job 21:50, 7 December 2006 (PST)


The Invitation

OK guys, here's the deal:

I was planning my winter break and was wondering the best method for getting to Southern California for Christmas, and someone suggested I get people I know (and a few strangers) to drive me down and back, passing me off from one to the other, like a bunch of mini-roadtrips with a bunch of different people. I talked a little more with some people and decided to go with something completely different, and not even make SoCal my ultimate destination. My goal now is to take a trip to the East Coast and back over winter break, by whatever route I can. I have about 15 volunteers already, each offering their services ranging from a floor to sleep on, to "quasi-concierge service" in a city, to a bed and an 8-hour driving radius. I have a map that I've been drawing on, and it's showing that I'll need a lot more volunteers to make this feasible. So now I'm asking everyone I know for their help. If you are going to be in any state (or province!) other than Oregon between December 8th and January 8th, and you think a little roadtrip might be fun, let me know as soon as possible! The information I need to be able to plan this thing is:

1) What city you will be in, and when;
2) Which days you would be able to dedicate to this (e.g. "any day except Christmas," "any weekday," etc.);
3) If you have a bed or floor that I can stay a night on; and
4) How far you're willing to drive me.

If I get enough people in enough places to make a complete chain, I will be buying a videocamera so I can document the whole thing.

ALSO: If you know someone that I don't know, and they're not the kidnapping type, tell them to get in contact with me, too! On an adventure like this, I'd want to meet as many new people as, the more volunteers I have, the more likely I'll actually be able to go through with it.

If you're interested, there are close to a trillion ways to get in contact with me. Email( and phone (541-255-5027) are the two that most readily come to mind.

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you.




Tentative Route

Sleep 12/8-12/9 **COMPLETED**

Do things in Bay Area all day 12/9 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/9-12/10 **COMPLETED**

Depart Bay Area: 11am, 12/10 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Bakersfield, CA: 3:45pm, 12/10 **COMPLETED**

Depart Bakersfield, CA: 4:00pm, 12/10 - driver: DB **COMPLETED**

Arrive Los Angeles area: 7pm, 12/10 - driver: DB **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/10-12/11 **COMPLETED**

Do things in Los Angeles area all day 12/11 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/11-12/12 **COMPLETED**

Depart San Diego: 11am, 12/ **COMPLETED**

Arrive Phoenix, AZ: 5:30pm, 12/12 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/12-12/13 **COMPLETED**

Depart Phoenix: 11am, 12/13 - driver: W8 What **COMPLETED**

Arrive Las Vegas: 5:30pm, 12/13 - driver: W8 What **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/13-12/14 - bed: W8 What **COMPLETED**

Depart Las Vegas: 11am, 12/14 - driver: JL **COMPLETED**

Arrive Salt Lake City: 6pm, 12/14 - driver: JL **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/14-12/15 - bed: MK **COMPLETED**

Depart Salt Lake City: 11am, 12/15 - driver: lukkucairi **COMPLETED**

Arrive Grand Junction, CO: 3pm, 12/15 - driver: lukkucairi **COMPLETED**

Depart Grand Junction, CO: 5pm, 12/15 - driver: Boomerjinks and Cathexist **COMPLETED**

Arrive Fort Collins, CO: 10:45pm, 12/15 - driver: Boomerjinks and Cathexist **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/15-12/16 **COMPLETED**

Depart Fort Collins, CO: 9am, 12/16 - driver: Kimmyesque **COMPLETED**

Arrive Goodland, KS: 2:30pm, 12/16 - driver: Kimmyesque **COMPLETED**

Depart Goodland, KS: 2:45pm, 12/16 - driver: sisyphus42 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Lawrence, KS: 9pm, 12/16 - driver: sisyphus42 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/16-12/17 - bed: sisyphus42 **COMPLETED**

Meet up at the Dunkin Donuts in Lawrence, KS at 11am **COMPLETED**

Depart Lawrence, KS: 11:10 am, 12/17 - driver: gifa **COMPLETED**

Arrive Kansas City, MO: 11:50pm, 12/17 - driver: gifa **COMPLETED**

Meet up at Fiorella's Jack Stack BBQ (101 W. 22nd St. Kansas City, MO 64108) in the Crossroads at 12pm - 12:15pm, 12/17 **COMPLETED**

Depart Kansas City, MO: 1:30 - 1:45pm, 12/17 - driver: nkicroft **COMPLETED**

Arrive in Columbia, MO: 3:30 - 3:45pm, 12/17 - driver: nkicroft **COMPLETED**

Depart Columbia, MO: 3:45pm - 4pm, 12/17 - driver: ASPalum **COMPLETED**

Arrive St. Louis, MO: 5:45pm - 6:00pm, 12/17 - driver: ASPalum **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/17-12/18 - bed: aonyx **COMPLETED**

Depart St. Louis, MO: 10:30am 12/18 - driver: aonyx **COMPLETED**

Arrive Memphis, TN: 3:15pm 12/18 - driver: aonyx **COMPLETED**

Depart Memphis, TN: 3:30pm 12/18 - driver: superfly **COMPLETED**

Arrive Starkville, MS: 5pm 12/18 - driver: superfly **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/18-12/19 - bed: twain101 **COMPLETED**

Depart Starkville, MS: 10am, 12/19 - driver: superfly **COMPLETED**

Arrive Anniston, AL: 2pm, 12/19 - driver: superfly **COMPLETED**

Depart Anniston, AL: 2:15pm, 12/19 - driver: Pirateboy **COMPLETED**

Arrive Atlanta, GA: 4pm, 12/19 - driver: Pirateboy **COMPLETED**

Depart Atlanta, GA: 5:45, 12/19 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Athens, GA: 7:15pm, 12/19 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/19-12/20 - bed: LJ **COMPLETED**

Depart Athens, GA: 8am, 12/20 - driver: LJ **COMPLETED**

Arrive Myrtle Beach, SC: 3pm, 12/20 - driver: LJ **COMPLETED**

Depart Myrtle Beach, SC: 5:30pm, 12/20 - driver: junk **COMPLETED**

Arrive Raleigh, NC: 10pm, 12/20 - driver: junk **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/20-12/21 - bed: GW **COMPLETED**

Depart Raleigh, NC: 9am, 12/21 - driver: GW **COMPLETED**

Arrive Richmond, VA: 1:00pm, 12/21 - driver: GW **COMPLETED**

Depart Richmond, VA: 2:00pm, 12/21 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Washington, DC: 4:15pm, 12/21 **COMPLETED**

Depart Washington, DC: 5:30pm, 12/21 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Baltimore, MD: 6:30pm, 12/21 **COMPLETED**

Depart Baltimore, MD: 7:30pm, 12/21 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Somerset, PA: 11:00pm, 12/21 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/21-12/22 **COMPLETED**

Depart Somerset, PA: 12:30pm, 12/22 driver: tres cool non-forum SR **COMPLETED**

Arrive Girard, OH: 2:30 pm, 12/22 driver: see above **COMPLETED**

Depart Girard, OH: 5:00pm, 12/22 - driver: cadydidwhat **COMPLETED**

Arrive Danville, PA: 9:00pm, 12/22 - driver: cadydidwhat **COMPLETED**

Depart Danville, PA: 9:15pm, 12/22 - driver: timp **COMPLETED**

Arrive Lancaster: 9pm, 12/22 - driver: timp **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/22-12/23 - bed: timp, food: jevin **COMPLETED**

Depart Lancaster, PA: 9:00am, 12/23 - driver: timp ** COMPLETED **

Arrive Downingtown, PA: 10:00am, 12/23 - driver: timp ** COMPLETED **

Depart Downingtown, PA: 10:15am, 12/23 - driver: Shelley ** COMPLETED **

Arrive Princeton, NJ: 11:45am, 12/23 - driver: Shelley ** COMPLETED **

Depart Princeton, NJ: 2:15pm, 12/23 - driver/escort: Marc ** COMPLETED **

Arrive New York City:

Do things in New York all day, 12/23 ** COMPLETED **

Sleep 12/23-12/24

Depart New York City: 10:00am, 12/24 - driver: Matt and Mike ** COMPLETED **

Arrive Glen Head, NY: 11:00am, 12/24 - driver: Matt and Mike ** COMPLETED **

Depart Glen Head, NY: 3:15pm, 12/24 - driver: SB ** COMPLETED **

Arrive Orient Point, NY: 5:45pm, 12/24 - driver: SB ** COMPLETED **

Depart Orient Point, NY: 6pm, 12/24 [Ferry] ** COMPLETED **

Arrive New London, CT: 6:45pm, 12/24 [Ferry] ** COMPLETED **

Depart New London, CT: 7pm, 12/24 - driver: Madam Dufarge ** COMPLETED **

Arrive Westbrook, CT: 7:30pm, 12/24 - driver: Madam Dufarge ** COMPLETED **

Sleep 12/24-12/25 - bed: Madam Dufarge

Spend Christmas in Westbrook, CT ** COMPLETED **

Sleep 12/25-12/26 - bed: Madam Dufarge

Depart Westbrook, CT: 10:00am, 12/26

Arrive Cumberland, RI: 11:45am, 12/26

Depart Cumberland, RI: 1:15pm, 12/26

Arrive Douglas, MA: 2:30pm, 12/26 *** COMPLETED ***

Sleep 12/26-12/27

Douglas --> Grafton 12/27 *** COMPLETED ***

Depart Grafton, MA: 8:00am, 12/27 with Shabbosgoy & husband

Arrive Troy, NY: 11:30am, 12/27 *** COMPLETED ***

Depart Troy, NY: 2:00pm, 12/27 Jeff Klein *** COMPLETED ***

Arrive Rochester, NY: 9:00pm, 12/27

Sleep 12/27-12/28

Depart Rochester, NY: 12:00 noon, 12/28

Arrive Buffalo, NY: 1:15pm, 12/28

Depart Buffalo, NY: 4:15pm, 12/28

Arrive Guelph, ON, Canada: 6:30pm, 12/28

Sleep 12/28-12/29

Depart Guelph, ON, Canada: 12:00 noon, 12/29

Arrive Woodstock, ON, Canada 1:00 pm, 12/29

Depart Woodstock, ON, Canada 1:15pm, 12/29

Arrive Grand Rapids, MI: 6:15pm, 12/29

Sleep 12/29-12/30

Depart Grand Rapids, MI: 9am, 12/30

Arrive Detroit, MI: 11:45am, 12/30

Depart Detroit, MI: 12:00pm, 12/30

Arrive Toledo, OH: 1:00pm, 12/30

Depart Toledo, OH: 2:15pm, 12/30

Arrive Dayton, OH: 5:15pm, 12/30

Depart Dayton, OH: 6:30pm, 12/30

Arrive Columbus, OH: 7:45pm, 12/30

Sleep 12/30-12/31

Depart Columbus, OH: 8:45am, 12/31

Arrive Ada, OH: 10:30am, 12/31

Depart Ada, OH: 10:45am, 12/31 Driver: Goocher

Arrive Chicago, IL: 3:30pm, 12/31 Driver: Goocher

Depart Chicago, IL: 6:15pm, 12/31

Arrive Madison, WI: 9pm, 12/31

Sleep 12/31-1/1

Depart Madison, WI: 11:30am, 1/1

Arrive Green Bay, WI: 2:15pm, 1/1

Depart Green Bay, WI: 2:30pm, 1/1

Arrive Belmont, WI: 6:30pm, 1/1

Depart Belmont, WI: 6:45pm, 1/1

Arrive Cedar Rapids, IA: 9:15pm, 1/1

Sleep 1/1-1/2

Depart Cedar Rapids, IA: 11:45am, 1/2

Arrive Iowa City, IA: 12:30pm, 1/2

Depart Iowa City, IA: 2pm, 1/2

Arrive Des Moines, IA: 4pm, 1/2

Sleep 1/2-1/3

Depart Des Moines, IA: 9am, 1/3

Arrive Minneapolis, MN: 1pm, 1/3

Depart Minneapolis, MN: 3pm, 1/3

Arrive Morris, MN: 6:15pm, 1/3

Sleep 1/3-1/4

Depart Morris, MN: 9am, 1/4

Arrive Fargo, ND: 11:15am, 1/4

Depart Fargo, ND: 12:15pm, 1/4

Arrive KJW's city, ND: 3:15pm, 1/4

Sleep 1/4-1/5

Depart KJW's city, ND: 8am, 1/5

Arrive Wibaux, MT: 1:30pm, 1/5

Arrive Bozeman, MT: 8pm, 1/5

Sleep 1/5-1/6

Depart Bozeman, MT: 9am, 1/6

Arrive Missoula, MT: 12:15pm, 1/6

Depart Missoula, MT: 1:15pm, 1/6

Arrive Spokane, WA: 4:45pm, 1/6

Depart Spokane, WA: 6pm, 1/6

Arrive Seattle, WA: 11pm, 1/6

Sleep 1/6-1/7

Depart Seattle, WA: 1pm, 1/7

Arrive Portland, OR: 4:45pm, 1/7

Depart Portland, OR: 5pm, 1/7 - driver: talia

Arrive Eugene, OR: 7pm, 1/7 - driver: talia

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