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General guidelines

These guidelines are not meant to make this wiki a bureaucracy, but to make it easier for everyone (including you) to edit and discuss things. Providing consistant and predictable format allows us to more easily make an unpredictable and quality script! Remember you can help people get to know how to use a wiki, even if you're a beginner yourself.

  • Keep pages short.
  • Avoid use of HTML when wiki markup will do.
  • Keep the content of the article focused.
  • Be respectful of others, especially hard chargers.
  • DO not, and I repeat, DO NOT spam.

Discussion guidelines

  • Put discussion on the discussion tab (every page has one).
  • Sign your name with four tildes ~~~~ at the end of your comment.
  • Put your comment below all the rest under a given header, and..
  • do not interrupt peoples comments.
  • Put new topics under a new header at the bottom of a page.

Editing etiquette

  • Avoid deleting other people's work
  • If you must delete and something you deleted reappears, do not delete it a second time. Use strikethrough and work it out with the other person using the discussion tab (every page has one) or the user's discussion tab (every user has one)
  • When in doubt, walk away. What's important now is usually less important in an hour.
  • As an example, the stuff below is a little wacky. I'm going to walk away and hope it gets sorted out while I sleep. muyfabulosotalk 22:09, 9 June 2006 (PDT)


Polling goes on the discussion pages. The goal is to quickly resolve issues. Sign your name with four tildes (~~~~) and provide a reason for your position on the issue. Often the polls are less about actual vote counts and more about judging community feelings, so be brief but specific with your feelings.

As one example, let's suppose someone wanted to put a picture on a project that was due at midnight. A poll opens at 11pm. 3 people say "great idea" and 11 people say "cool, but there's no way to get it done in time." Then at 11:45pm the picture appears, and 2 people say "yes, awesome." In this poll it's clear what the community wants, so saying "no picture: vote failed 11 to 5" would not be appropriate.

Now let's suppose it unfolded differently. First, 11 people say "great idea!". At 11:45 a picture appears and it's clearly awful and against the spirit of the project. Five votes appear saying "it's terrible." One vote says "it's groovy." Saying "yes to the picture: vote was 12 to 5" is equally inappropriate because it does not reflect the true intent of the process.

People are greatly encouraged to change their votes as other people raise issues and provide opinion. Use the strikethrough option to preserve your original statement and position, as that may have influenced other votes.

Although anyone can do so, ideally a neutral and trusted member of the community should close polls and determine the community's intent. If a clear result doesn't emerge, poll again or work around the issue.

Guide to creating links

What you can do script The result:
  • Put the page you want to link to inside brackets
[[Fabuloso Friday]] Fabuloso Friday
  • To change the display of the link
[[Fabuloso Friday|Hi mom!]] Hi mom!
  • To create a link to a wikipedia article
[[wikipedia:Ze Frank]] wikipedia:Ze Frank
  • To create a link to a wikipedia article plus more
[[wikipedia:Ze Frank|Ze Frank]] Ze Frank
  • To create a link to a flickr photo
[[flickr:vivienchan/12176246/]] flickr:vivienchan/12176246/
  • To create a link to a page on
[[ze:theshow]] ze:theshow
  • To create a footnote to another site
[] [1]
  • To create a friendly link to another site
[ Our glorious leader] Our glorious leader

Editing markup

To meet our Quality Standards, this article or section may require Cleanup.
Please discuss this issue on the talk page

Category:Pages needing cleanup

What you can do script The result:
  • Name tag


User name

User name 15:53, 9 June 2006 (PDT)

15:53, 9 June 2006 (PDT)




  • This line is bulleted.
  • X
Image:Ze misserable 2.PNG
                                            This is an alt tag
Ze looking miserable
''The'' train ~~~~comes '''yesterday'''!
  • name+date tag
  • date tag
  • Puts something in italics
    (two single quotes)
' 'X' '
  • Puts something in bold
    (three single quotes)
' ' 'X' ' '
  • Puts something in bold and italics
    (four single quotes)
' ' ' ' 'X' ' ' ' '
  • An * placed at the beginning of a line bullets it
  • A : placed at the beginning of a line indents it
  • The number of :'s is how much to indent
::: X
  • Indenting and bulleting
:* X


  • Insert an image in its full size
[[Image:image name.png]]


  • #px is how large the image is, right tells it to align right
    [[Image:image name.png|100px|right|alt tag]]
  • Insert a link to an image's page with "words"
[[:Image:image name.png|words]]
  • Add text without markup
<nowiki> ''The'' train ~~~~comes '''yesterday'''! </nowiki>

Script writing style

main page: Style Guide/Script writing

The main page shows how to write the script. This is an example script line:

23.25: Ze:[Description of what this line or scene incorporates] Words Ze should say. Image:Ze should show at this point. Maybe keep talking. [reference to: line 52 of page name]

The script writing style page also has eZ-pressions. These are expressions you can make Ze do - with picture examples!

For example, you could make Ze make this face:

- This face

'Try to keep the style 'visual.'

WRONG: Ze: (in a crazy, but funny and knowing voice because he sees a naked person off camera) Hey! I said no nudity!

This line doesn't work because we don't see what Ze sees and have no way of knowing why he's acting 'crazy.'

RIGHT: We see Ze in frame, the camera PANS over to a naked person, then back to Ze. Ze: Hey! I said no nudity!

'Try to keep the style 'real-time.'

It may be easy to WRITE 'Cut to Ze arm wrestling a biker in Central Park for 5 seconds,' but it ain't easy to shoot. A simple instruction like that could take hours of time to actually accomplish.

More help

There was a link to the help pages at wikimedia in the sidebar, here's a reminder until it is put back.

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