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Alright, the Stakes discussion is complete, see this page.


The Stakes

If we win (and have you seen the chess game discussion?) We are so going to whip his ass:

The Show: Unplugged - YES! "At least 10 minutes of Ze and a guitar performing songs." By popular vote, thanks to Ann for the winning suggestion!

If we lose (psh, yea if):

Fabulosos and Sports Racers have collectively pledged a TOTAL of $305.00 to purchase a book from his Amazon Wish List!

We can afford The Psychology of Humor: A Reference Guide and Annotated Bibliography ($131.95): sounds stimulating! maybe he'll let us borrow it when he's done!

Note! Please do not be hesitant to continue to pledge! If possible, we can bring down the amount of money everyone needs to contribute, something we can deal with later.

But there are some issues we need to resolve:

  • What happens, if we draw?
  • We only have $20, we need something like $130 to get the book.
  • We are already up to $33 - don't worry about the money now
  • How do we practically manage the fund gathering?? Do you know any good services???
If you like, I'll give you guys the address to my PayPal account and we can gather the money there. (We'd only start this process if we lose.) I'll let you know what gets collected and after a period of time...say a week...we'll close collection and I'll get the most expesive book off his list we can afford. I should be able to send it to him directly through Amazon. bobbie_mactalk
I think the best way to go for allowing Ze to obtain the book would be to have him create a pay pal account in which we would all pay into. This allows him to purchase the book. We can add the stipulation that he has to open the box on theshow so that we know he isn't using the money for drugs, sex, and rock'n'roll. mayorcjSR 08:16, 29 June 2006 (PDT)
That's an even better idea.bobbie_mactalk
  • Were the final stakes that were submitted to Ze posted on the wiki somewhere? If so, shouldn't that be listed on the Fabuloso Chess page? The Stakes archive seems to just list all the ideas, unless I'm missing something. --Supermissiletalk 17:00, 30 June 2006 (PDT)
  • Updated the news with Ze's acceptance, as well as listing the stakes of the match. Also included copies of the stakes at the top of this page, as well as the Fabuloso Chess main page. ßrigaderant 00:30, 1 July 2006 (PDT)
  • (imho he should put 16/06/06 back online if he loses)
  • Is it too late to suggest he cover "One Night In Bangkok" if we win? -GP
  • In hindsight I wish we suggested he change his "stage" name to Ze Sugartits Frank. arc

If we draw ...

Either it means nothing or it means both get what they wanted (well in Ze's case, we decided what he wanted, but it's from his wish list)

  • I wouldn't agree to a draw meaning nothing. For all sports racers watching, it would be sadly anti-climatic. Remember, this game may not be completed for a significant amount of episodes. - Danetrix
  • If we draw, Ze does a 5 minuteish show, and we all put in 1$ toward Das Max und Moritz Buch or some other < 35$ prize.
  • All sports racers must meet Ze at Grand Central Station in New York at noon on a designated day and play a timed rematch that must end by one pm.
  • All at once?
  • You ever been to Grand Central? You're nuts .. hell even Central Park is scary after dark (but at least there's chess boards) .. maybe we can send him to Washington Square instead.  :-)
  • Either way, the commute from anywhere outside New York (I'm in Australia, for Duckie's sake!) is significantly more expensive than the $5 that most Fabulosos pledged for the book.
  • Fck that. If we draw, we each get a piece of Amanda. I wanna draw.


It might not be feasable for everyone to fork over money, and no one should feel as though they can't participate just because they cannot pay towards Ze's prize. If you do feel compelled to contribute, it would be much appreciated, though. mayorcjSR

* I guess if this is a serious choice, we'd better tally up our potential money. ArgonBeam3500 mentions being in for $5.

  • I'm in for $5. This game and "The show" are worth way more than that but that's all the wife will let me put in. ; ; Just tell me where to send it. Animegod
  • US $3.14 'cuz dats how I roll<---(please add your name)
  • I said a buck, but I'd go $3. (cheap bastard) bobbie_mactalk
  • I'm in for US$5.00 ßrigaderant
  • US $1.75 Just to make things difficult. - isaac
  • US $5.25 Just to spoil your fun... We are up to 20, is this how much faith we have in the wiki process??? The book was something like over $100 wasn't it? gelbitalk
  • US $5.00 Just reiterating my pledge, and I've got a PayPal account that I'll use to pay through. - Argonbeam3500
  • US $5.00 Open Mouth, Insert Money - SaintPeter
  • US $3.00 - I am but a poor university student -- mayorcjSR 08:10, 29 June 2006 (PDT)
  • US $10.00 - But we had better not lose, people! -Mike
  • US 5.00 I'm in for $5. I can pay w/playpal- Squeedo
  • US $10 Put me down for 0xa "American" dollars --Lordsah 11:49, 29 June 2006 (PDT)
  • US $7.00. I'm new here, but this is cool. And we can now afford his number 1 book. -- Nathaniel
  • US $5.00 I'll use my parents paypal. ~ Mec
  • US $10.00 - Graymon
  • US $10.00 - Froodian
  • US $10.00 - Ann
  • US $5.00 - Disko
  • US $5.00 maybe $10 Amazon Gift Card Where Do I send It? <---(please add your name)
  • US $10.00 - For the love of Ze...--Twain101
  • US $5.00 - Because I'm addicted to theshow, and I've been here far too long to not fund it. CipherSwarm
  • US $6.95 - JemTallon
  • US $10.00 - because you're playing so I don't have to. --Sford (ps, I didn't re-check the sum, just increased it by 10)
  • US $5.00 - So others can decrease their pledges -- Chainsaw (incremented by 5 without rechecking; I'm lazy)
  • US $5.00 - Ok, I'm hooked. Least I can do is throw in 5 bucks. -- Tass
  • US $5.00 - No problem with diluting someone else's pledge. (didn't increment, BTW) -- Pseudonym
  • US $5.00 - I'm not good at chess, but I trust my fellow fabulosos! -- LazloFruvous
  • US $5.00 - Watching the chess game, trusting fabulosos, contributing a few suggestions -- cam_i_am (ps, just double-checked sum)
  • US $5.66 - heck i'll play this game. if it means i'm helping to get 10 minutes of fabulous songs, 5 bucks is nothing. -- Tigaj
  • US $5.00 - I will have to mail ze or one of you guys a money order, but I'm down. -- SalMancini
  • US $10.00 - I'm in too — evn
  • US $5.00 - Herd mentality has my pledge. Really, I'm just pledging for good taunts, so try not to let me down. — scottie
  • US $10.00 - Putting it over $200! I think we should buy him this book and/or donate the total sum as a consolation prize when he loses. Rocco 09:42, 4 July 2006 (PDT)
  • US $5.00 - Put me down for five of those American dollar thingies. avidreader514
  • US $10.01 - Cobun
  • US $ 5.00 GeorgeBorrow ($10 if I have a job by then)
  • US $10.00 - Christian
  • US $1.24 - Just to even things out. Saminite
  • US $5.00 - Here, here! I'll pay five dollars!<---(please add your name)
  • US $5.00 - Five dollars for a funny guy is not too much especially since I will not have to pay it and will enjoy ten minutes of silly songs :) TtT
  • US $3.47 - Guyonphone must pledge before wife finds out im giving away money! ha i win!
  • US $10.00 - Worrydream
  • US $10.00 - Femdujour Sports Racer wannabe has faith in the fabulosos.
  • US $2.53 - 1 rubber duckie please. Zoverax
  • US $7.11 - I don't even know if Ze is playing white or black, but I'll pitch in. Thekohser 20:58, 19 July 2006 (PDT)
  • US $10.00 - By the way, where would the pledges go? [BKeyport] I'm out. No point when we're going to announce several moves ahead just because of a server failure. I feel that's poor sportsmanship and just plain wrong. Naturally, you're welcome to do that, B. But the list of moves had nothing to do with the sever crash. It's just a list of if-then moves initiated by Rd2. That move created several moves that are essentially forced, and we created that list so ze could skip ahead if he wanted to. Otherwise, it was going to take a week to get back to 'thinking' chess.bobby_macrap at me
  • US $14.89 - Just to make it an even 300. Otis 05:59, 30 July 2006 (PDT)
  • US $5.00 - I may as well pledge. Chances are I won't have to make good anyway.
  • US $10.00 - For the prize or more likely the consolation prize Zim

PTWhipplebang 18:48, 31 July 2006 (PDT)

  • US $10.00 - But only to buy a consolation prize when we win. I never thought we'd lose :) Kingpatzer 18:00, 3 August 2006 (PDT)
  • US $25.00 - As a big fan of Ze and of chess, how could I not? Ze you need a tip jar. Pez
TOTAL: $330.00

Note! Please do not be hesitate to continue to pledge! If possible, we can bring down the amount of money everyone needs to contribute, something we can deal with later.

I created a simple ruby script to check if the total is correct TtT.

We can afford The Psychology of Humor: A Reference Guide and Annotated Bibliography ($131.95): sounds stimulating! maybe he'll let us borrow it when he's done!

Congratulations, Sports Racers! We've knocked down every goal. The Queen Mother of Ze's Wish List.

  • Since the reason I even began play this game has to do with Ze's sense of humor, it would be really awesome if we could afford this one. And there is like only $12 left! Incredible! --gelbitalk 11:08, 30 June 2006 (PDT)

Books we were looking at before we had so much damn money:

Laws of Fear: Beyond the Precautionary Principle ($65.00) - hey, it's number one on his list! Good job, SRs!

The Perception of Risk ($36.83)

Taking Laughter Seriously ($22.65)

Das Max und Moritz Buch ($18.00)

  • I'm still in favor of (this one) - it brings back fond memories of learning German.mayorcjSR 08:10, 29 June 2006 (PDT)
  • Why don't we divvy up the collected money and purchase multiple copies of books on his wish list? Get him the $60 AND the $30 book, so basically buy the most expensive book we can, then use the remainder to buy his cheapo books. Also .. i think we should also consider sending him This Book as a consolation after we whip his ass.  :-) ßrigaderant
  • <grins>. good one. I'm sure if it comes to it, we'll send the money to his PayPal/Amazon account and he'll get the books he wants. But let's just win and get OUR prize from him instead!bobbie_macrap at me
  • I agree - I think any money collected in excess of the amount needed to buy a book should just be donated to Ze and the Show. As a thanks.
  • I was looking at the system, and shipping isn't as bad as calculated.. I think we could wipe ze's wishlist out, including shipping ($10.45 for that many books) and still have money left over at this point - truely astounding [bkeyport]

See Ze's entire Amazon Wish List

How to raise the money

Do you guys know how to do this over the net??? Like what service should I subscribe to PayPal.. moneybrookers??? I don't want to pay too high transfer fees...

Answer from jbizzl:

Answer from mayorcjSR: Ze uses his paypal account

Answer from Elliot: Looks similar to Dropcash.

Fundable is a collective action fundraising tool, it uses OnlyIf web technology. I will give $5 only if 50 other people do.

Answer from cjdotcom: Similar to the others, but I suggest

Answer from GeorgeBorrow: Wouldn't it be awesome to mail him the contributions? Everybody loves getting mail! We could be buying his lattes months!

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