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Some ideas for nominees:

1. Not many friends. A given.

2. A visible interest in the content of his/her MySpace page. After all, they could use the attention.

3. Logged in recently. It'd suck if we sent a bunch of invites to someone who didn't log in to see them!

4. Not a Sports Racer. Otherwise it wouldn't be a surprise!

What else?

Also, whoever wins is going to have a huge surge in their profile views between now and Thursday, and we need it to be the sort of person who would not be tipped off by that (or not care enough to find that we're linking to their profiles from this wiki). And yet, as previously noted, it needs to be someone who checks their myspace frequently.

-John Green (not a good candidate @



If anyone's bored (like me), you can search myspace for users with no friends. How? I wrote a google gadget that hits myspace by id and attempts to find the number of friends they have. Add this google gadget by url: The 2 preferences are: starting ID (something like 102312) and max (which is the number of ids to search for) I'm not sure if google will get a denial of service for hitting consecutive ids, but eh... If you aren't familiar with google gadgets, don't lose sleep trying to figure it out.

Somejeff 21:54, 16 December 2006 (PST)


blah blah blah I like, don't like, and why. bitch away!

So what's up with Mr. Baker? He hasn't accepted any friends, he just keeps blogging about his friend requests. I feel a bit like I wasted a click.


How do you suppose Janne pronounces his name? Like the English "Jane", or some other strange way? I wonder if he is a Hard Charger?

Cobun 17:42, 20 December 2006 (PST)

- if he's Swedish (he is), it's yann-eh (the 'eh' is a schwa sound)


how do you work this thing?


-The guy specifically says "no weirdos please." -SR007

app==Oh well… Our adoption program seems to have not gone very good… not one of them took me as their friend  …. I’m a nice person, really I am… I have 39 friends of my own... 33 of them are “real life” friends... and the others are some Bands or other things I like… They didn’t even have to deny me... they just could just have left the request alone… ::sigh::: If ANYONE from Ze Franks wants to be my friend… stop on by and add me to you friends list.. ( is where you can find me==

left on 12/21/06 Transcript Page Well. This is cool.

Apparently, John is not as into the myspace adoption program as he should be... from his blog:

"Who on earth is Zefrank?

I appear to have been nominated for 'the most lonely guy on myspace award' according to the Zefrank show. Seriously, I'm fine!

Perhaps you think I'm joking - check it out:

Well, if anyone is actually bothered with what I'm upto today, I've so far managed to run 7 miles (across hilly Devon countryside) and I'm soon off to the pub! A very British way to spend an eveing. Does anyone want to buy me a pint of Old Speckled Hen? J

P.S. You have a much better chance of being accepted as 'a friend' if you're female, between 23 and 32, and within 30 miles of Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK. :-)"

Does Ze take a holiday break? If so, he's missing out on the windfall from holiday duckies...

check it out! John is totally digging it! (though he is only accepting hotties as friends)

and Jess is playing ball too!

As a previous John advocate, I am disappointed in his Hard Charger reaction. Especially because I liked him because he was from the UK and now I live too far away to meet his friend "criteria."

I'm also a bit disappointed with John's reaction - being a female in his requested age bracket, it just seems smarmy and sketchy. Not in the spirit of the project. Jess, on the other hand, seems to be the perfect adoptee!

I agree, John's continuous nudges that he wants this to be a dating service is quite sketchy. He doesn't understand the concept of this adoption program =(. I wish Adam would log in. (well I TRIED to tell you..........)  :-)

No one wants to be my friend. Silly, silly adoptees.

Worst adoptions ever. All three have denied the sports racer adoptions! I -TOLD- you Rando was the person to adopt. He would have appreciated it. (moved from show transcript page)

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