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Tired Friday

  • I gotta say that I am happy with Ze's response to the "Tired Friday" uproar. (Especially since I snagged a copy before it went *poop*, which I will certainly not share.) Anyway, I was wondering how he would explain (or not explain) the disappearance without looking like a total wimp. Ya done good, Ze. (P.S. to Ze - I will delete my copy if you ask me to.) --Sford 14:52, 19 June 2006 (PDT)
  • My money's on the rabbit, but if the duckie would do that powermove all bets are off.
  • The cook wins. Stew AND entree.
  • Ze, Im not gay. Im not pro-gay, or anti-gay, Im pro-me. I think I have something special with my wife. I dont need a pack of fudge-packers claiming they have the same thing, and putting their poop on my word. If they want to be innovative they should go invent their own word, and stick to it for at least a hundred years, and it can have the nearly magnitude of meaning as a classical marriage, and have earned it. Wiccans have their "jumping the broomhandle", SCA-ers have their various unions, and they are not culturally beat-down because of their broom handles or archaic rituals. They are beat-down because they are wiccans and wakkos who beat the crap out of each other using wooden swords and dress up in plastic armor and pretend to speak middle english. Stealing the word is a cowards attempt at legitimacy. Its not going to remove the stigma, its going to strengthen it. They have to invent their own word Ze. Bottom line Ze, from the incredibles, "If everyones super, nobodys super". I think they should come up with their own word for a super relationship, and not take mine.
  • Really now. What? It's sort of divertingly lateral, but dude, divertingly lateral homophobia is still homophobia. And who are you talking to anyway, on a wiki page that's used to discuss the transcript of some online show, even if it's the epitome of awesome? The only people who are reading this - whoa. 88 Pageviews already? That's some audience you got there. Disso 09:38, 20 June 2006 (PDT)
  • "Divertingly lateral". I like that. Thanks Disso. Oh and Mr. pro-me, I'm glad to hear that you can use a term like "fudge-packers" and not be anti-gay. That means I can use a term like "idiot" and not be accused of being anti-moron. --Sford 09:53, 20 June 2006 (PDT)
  • Dont you just love "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth"? If I pat your back for being gay, will you pat my back for being straight? If I dont pat your back, then you wont pat mine, will you? It boils down to a zero-sum formal system. How do you break the "eye for an eye"? Someone has to give grace, interhuman free beer as a process, not an event. Im testing the waters, looking for the process as an indicator that this isnt another contrivance of "an eye for an eye", and I've come up empty for about 10 years of looking. So the fundamental nature is zero sum, so you have to play it like its a zero sum game in order to win.
I tested the idea that "humans long to be rejoiced in". Kids will run for it. I tried it on adults, and they run too. We all want to be members of "the league of awesomeness", we even want it renamed after us. We hunger deeply to be rejoiced in. The entry price for the league is to speak, in the language of actions, the true name of the league. But we make our own "leagues", and the way for someone to come in is to speak our true name, because the true name of the league is the true name of the author. So morons will only allow people who can speak the true name of the moronic league of awesomeness into the club, and it must be spoken before they will rejoice in them. Gays will only allow people who speak the true name of the gay league of awesomeness in. There are no open clubs, they all have a password.
So what if there are mutually exclusive true names? What if someone exists who has a true-name that is opposite to yours? Can they ever get into your league of awesomeness? I dare you to rejoice in someone whose true name is truly opposite to yours, give them free beer as an event. Tell me how it feels afterwards. It doesnt change the fundamental system, but what does it reveal to you about the fundamental nature of your league of awesomeness?
  • A lot of words, comrade, and a lot less diverting.Disso 11:34, 20 June 2006 (PDT)
  • What the hell did that guy meant? 19:41, 21 June 2006 (PDT)
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