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  1. Take a Case containing:
         * The Prop - The Quack Attack Flag
         * The Dynamic Prop (of your choosing)
         * The Camcorder - PSV-351
         * One Awesome Script - written one page at a time by Sports Racers.
  2. Write one page of the script. Must incorporate both props.
  3. Ship the Case to a participating Sports Racer from the list.
  4. Sports Racer must Perform and record script
  5. Upload video to The ORG Project
  6. Keep the Dynamic Prop and choose a new one.
  7. See step 2. Repeat.

Everyone will be creating a never ending play written, performed and recorded by Sports Racers. The current person performs the script from the previous person. That same current person also determines the script for the next person. Each page of the script must incorporate the prop.


The camera is purchased, the case is packed, and this project has legs! At least two pages of the script have been filmed at this point. We are keeping track of who has had the camera and who is on deck below.

The project is fully funded as it stands, but if you'd like to help with postage for our overseas friends, see this thread for details on how to contribute.

The Prop

quack attack flag

The prop is a yellow, translucent flag with a duckie on it, as modeled by Lady Leary here. It must be present during the filming of each page of script. It is the official flag of the Quack Attack Team.

The Dynamic Prop

"here's an idea.

Make the static prop (such as the jolly roger or whatever), and one dynamic one. At each stop, the participant gets to keep whatever trinket, as long as they add something new. (I've got a pair of googly-eye glasses, an eyepatch, and various other toys I could part with)

Of course, this would be limited by certain ideas about taste, but provided nobody's sending any bio-hazard stuff through the mail, I think it could work, as well as add an extra dimension to the project."


The Camcorder

The camera is is a Pure Digital PSV-351. Apparently the microphone is a little weak, but picture quality has been great on the footage so far.

Current Participants


  1. DangerAmy - Oregon: ORG
  2. grace fell - Washington: ORG
  3. DaftGretel - Oregon: ORG
  4. Aesahaettr - Hanover, NH: ORG
  5. MissJecka - Boston, MA: ORG
  6. chuckm - Brooklyn, NY: ORG
  7. Lady Leary - Camden, ME ORG

PLAYers in Waiting

  • sk8dork - Austin, TX: ORG
  • lukkucairi - SLC, UT: ORG
  • Creepy Sheep - Brighton, UK: ORG
  • stevegeek - Bristol, UK: ORG
  • darusha - Victoria, BC: ORG
  • brightpearl - Central, TX: ORG
  • Smashing Helen, northern NJ: ORG
  • transiit - southern CA: ORG
  • rorr - Lubbock, TX: ORG
  • SpaceAce - Atlanta, GA: ORG
  • consumatron - Chicago, IL: ORG
  • Pirateboy - Atlanta, GA: ORG
  • C70man - Wesley Chapel, FL: ORG
  • blankedyblank - USA: ORG
  • cadydidwhat - Girard, OH: ORG
  • simon24601 - mineapolis, MN: ORG
  • terenceInParis - Paris, France: ORG
  • ms_le - Minneapolis, MN: ORG
  • bouldasaur - Minneapolis, MN: ORG
  • gypsy sister - Des Moines, IA: ORG
  • blissfork - Cali: ORG
  • aoife - Bloomington, IN: ORG
  • PumpkinPi - Minneapolis, MN: ORG
  • rumoko - Brisbane, Australia: ORG
  • MaxPower57 - Minneapolis MN: ORG
  • ctodd - Boston, MA: ORG
  • habile b - Madison, WI: ORG

To become a participant, reply to this thread with your name, location and ORG user ID.

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