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The League of Awesomeness is a mysterious group that strives to "make the world more awesome" and to minimize the influence of Hard Chargers. The L.o.A. is presumed to comprise the Sports Racers who have been elevated to such status by being granted a Sports Racer Name by Ze, in recognition of an awesome Power Move or other accomplishment, although there is certainly another higher caste of members who remain unknown and apparently govern the League. Additionally, there are reserve units containing Annoying Pricks. Apart from promoting awesomeness, their true motives and modus operandi remain cryptic.

The LoA is a secret organization. However, the guiding philosophy is to hide in plain sight. As such the LoA uses no subterfuge whatsoever. This does a remarkable job of confounding conspiracy theory hard chargers who are so busy looking for a hidden agenda that they miss what is happening right in front of them.

In the Earth Sandwich challenge show (read transcript | watch movie) an envelope from the League appears magically in Ze's hands.

Ze also claims the L.o.A. caused him to (temporarily) remove the June 16, 2006 show (read transcript | watch movie) because it was deemed "inappropriate" and "embarrassing", but no one knows exactly how this was determined as no Sports Racer is known to have been a part of the deciding committee. Who exactly is the decider? It's unclear. One known member of the League of Awesomeness Hall of Fame is American painter and television host Bob Ross, who might be partly responsible, even though he is dead.

In the January 10, 2007 show (read transcript | watch movie), Ze revealed that the LoA had discovered he had posed for the Sleeping Macho Calendar as Mr February. The LoA objected not to his posing, but for his accepting money for it, and put him "under review" and, by extension, "all of us", which presumably means all LoA members inducted by Ze or even all viewers.

The LoA Manual

Ze holds the Manual
Ze holds the Manual
Though it itself is not often referenced, the League of Awesomeness Manual (also known as the Little Yellow Book with No Back Cover) provides a reference for members of the LoA. It was mentioned on the January 29, 2007 show (read transcript | watch movie).

The Manual also provides insight and knowledge. Though many things have been once-told or twice-told, only one thing has been four (fore?)-told: the birth of a giant baby who will be the father of all Hard Chargers in the same year that Mozart has an unfortunate incident happen to him.

There was also an incident in the 1400s that involved the phrase "That's what I'm talking about" and, unfortunately, is the subject of the vast majority of the manual.

Other Leagues of Awesomeness

In the April 11th, 2006 episode of the show, Ze says: "I'm not aware of any League of Awesomeness that allows animals to join." This implies that there is more than one League, or that the League has several branches or chapters.

League of Extreme Awesomeness

The league of extreme awesomeness is so secret it does not exist.

The LEA is so secret, in fact, it has never been mentioned on the show, nor heard of anywhere but in the paragraph above.

Other sources doubt the existance of this LEA, because in England a regional grouping of schools is called a LEA or Local Education Authority, to use the local vernacular this is a very Naff thing.

Due to the Awesome nature of the LOA it is concluded that the LOA would have very little or nothing to do with any LEA in any form.

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