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The forum is not an easy place to organize all the ideas, so I'm starting a Wiki
Pilot 12:00, 3 October 2006 (PDT)


The Challenge

Forum user GoodAaron, in an attempt of shameless self-promotion, relayed a story about his sketch comedy group, "All Sorts of Trouble for the Boy in the Bubble," in which their Wikipedia entry was erased.

In desperation, GoodAaron transferred the article on All Sorts of Trouble for the Boy in the Bubble Sketch Comedy to the Ze Frank Wiki, offering in return, as payment, that the troupe would write and perform a sketch on a topic of Ze's choice in front a live audience and send it to the show. He finally sent a Private Message to Ze asking if his group could perform something for Ze. Ze responded with "ask the masses", and with that this challenge was started.


The following was posted by GoodAaron as a collation of ideas in this thread. -Pilot 12:00, 3 October 2006 (PDT)

  • Note: All ideas below are original ideas submitted by Sports Racers on the forums.


1. A Sketch about A Comedy Troupe Whose Wikipedia Article is Deleted.

2. A Sketch about Constitutional Checks and Balances/Separation of Powers/Government's Accountability to the Public/The Electoral College/Mid-term Elections.

3. Jokes about Nerds/Duckies/Sports Racers.

4. A Sketch about the Rules and Etiquette of Dares.

5. A Sketch about Media Fearmongering.

6. A Sketch about the Excessive Number of Genres of Music.

7. A Sketch about Funny Terms for Things and Possible New Ones.

8. Eating Dim Sum on a First Date, or Eating a First Date with Dim Sum.

9. A Sketch about The Holy WMDs (ala Monthy Python).

10. A Sketch about an Asshole Baby who Rises to Power Utilizing the Universal Language of Pictograms.

11. A Sketch Involving Monkeys.

12. A Sketch about a Post-"the show" World.

13. A Sketch about a Human Sacrifice.

14. A Sketch about Racist Penguins and Why They Live in Remote Regions.

15. A Sketch about GOP Foley.


  • Voting for the first ten ideas has officially opened. You can vote here:
  • Voting for the FINAL ROUND has been put up. The winning idea of this poll is the winner of the Challenge.
Official Ze Frank Sketch Comedy Challenge Poll FINAL ROUND

Hey Everyone,

The results are in, and as of 7:30PM...

The winner, by a shockingly close 8 to 7 victory, is the returning champeen....

A Sketch about the Rules and Etiquette of Dares.

Thanks to Ze, everyone who contributed an idea for a sketch, and congratulations to Ryubot4000 for making the winning suggestion.

I'll keep you up to date as things develop, but hopefully by next week we'll have ourselves a little video sketch hoedown.


Aaron W.

Viewing the Work

  • The Official Thread announcing the availability of the videos of the sketch online can be found here.

Notes from the Group

  • Hey Everybody,

It's Aaron W. from "Boy in the Bubble." We performed this Saturday, and videotaped the sketch you requested, "The Etiquette of Daring." It went over fairly well, so I hope to have the results uploaded to you soon.

Best, Aaron W. (GoodAaron)

  • ADDENDUM: The sketch has been uploaded. Watch it through links above!
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