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Q: Do you write for the Times? -

Huzzah! It's over!

Great work, StJ. I've got to ask, since it's Friday and I don't see it. Did Ze get the instructions on how to do the wait page along with 'The Script?'
Can't matter at this point. We were only given the freedom to write the script, anyway. It's up to him whether or not to implement anything else we came up with. I'm sure he was keeping track of it the whole time, and if he wants to, he'll post it up. --Rocco 6:15 AM, June 9, 2006
Aaron, you are the man. If you are ever in NYC, I want to buy you a beer. Hokie
The wait page did go up, along with the "stewing" caption. --Sford 09:47, 9 June 2006 (PDT)

Oh, please, let's not use leftovers next week. The Gay Marriage section, which I added to, started to sound stale by Wednesday, just because it had been days since the Bushit's Saturday grandstanding. I'm thinking we need something more summery, like a musical, or a cartoon version, or an all-German-language-with-English-subtitles theme. Or let's just ask all the non-English speakers to do it next time! I'd love to see Ze wrap his mouth around those phrases...Chelly

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