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I Am medwards

medwards in Canada (I know, I can't believe I'm single either.
medwards in Canada (I know, I can't believe I'm single either.

Decided to actually be relevant here: First watched The Show due to a [Slashdot] article (regarding Fabuloso Friday). Thought it was kind of cool, but I'm not funny. Then came Fabuloso Chess. Addiction ensued.

Other things about me:

  • University student.
  • I live in Canada and would only consider living in a select few cities in the US. In fact, in general, I'd rather live in Norway than the US.
    • On the US points of interest list
      • Portland (It's like the Silicon Valley of Open Source)
      • New York (If I could get a job with something interesting)
      • Moab UT (mountain biking mountain biking mountain biking. Yes I can tolerate fundamentalist mormons for mountain biking as good as Moab has. Plus I could work for Novell or GE Healthcare)
  • I'm a narcisstic, hypocritical, revolutionary socialist. I leave it to you to figure out (doesn't make any sense to me either)

The Sandbox

I just fool around in here periodically. Toss stuff in and mix it up.

Voting Test

  1. I'm a mindless chess player who believes that a move IS strong if it FEELS strong! a-something
  2. I'm just here to vote for the first thing I see that looks exciting!
  3. What's strategy?
  4. Let's ignore any discussion and just vote with our hearts!
    1. Yeah!

Proves mayorcjSR point that #'s would be better for counting up mindless voting. Wow, just like a real democracy!

... Qd8-d1


Per the original d7-d5 discussion I believe the Sportinski Kozimov Hard Charging Opener Blitzkrieg is our best approach. It is a particular favourite in my homeland of Elbonia.

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