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Current Route Plan

Depart Eugene, OR: 12:00 noon, 12/8 - driver: notwearingawire **COMPLETED**

Arrive Ashland, OR: 3:15pm, 12/8 - driver: notwearingawire **COMPLETED**

Depart Ashland, OR: 3:30pm, 12/8 - driver: JR **COMPLETED**

Arrive Bay Area: 9:30pm, 12/8 - driver: JR **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/8-12/9 **COMPLETED**

Do things in Bay Area all day 12/9 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/9-12/10 **COMPLETED**

Depart Bay Area: 11am, 12/10 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Bakersfield, CA: 3:45pm, 12/10 **COMPLETED**

Depart Bakersfield, CA: 4:00pm, 12/10 - driver: DB **COMPLETED**

Arrive Los Angeles area: 7pm, 12/10 - driver: DB **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/10-12/11 **COMPLETED**

Do things in Los Angeles area all day 12/11 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/11-12/12 **COMPLETED**

Depart San Diego: 11am, 12/12 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Phoenix, AZ: 8:30pm, 12/12 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/12-12/13 **COMPLETED**

Depart Phoenix: 11am, 12/13 - driver: W8 What **COMPLETED**

Arrive Las Vegas: 8:30pm, 12/13 - driver: W8 What **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/13-12/14 - bed: W8 What **COMPLETED**

Depart Las Vegas: 11am, 12/14 - driver: JL **COMPLETED**

Arrive Salt Lake City: 6pm, 12/14 - driver: JL **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/14-12/15 - bed: MK **COMPLETED**

Depart Salt Lake City: 10am, 12/15 - driver: lukkucairi **COMPLETED**

Arrive Grand Junction, CO: 2:30pm, 12/15 - driver: lukkucairi **COMPLETED**

Depart Grand Junction, CO: 6:15pm, 12/15 - driver: Kevin and Co. **COMPLETED**

Arrive Denver, CO: 8pm, 12/15 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/15-12/16 **COMPLETED**

Depart Denver, CO: 11am, 12/16 - driver: Kimmyesque **COMPLETED**

Arrive Goodland, KS: 2:30pm, 12/16 - driver: Kimmyesque **COMPLETED**

Depart Goodland, KS: 2:45pm, 12/16 - driver: sisyphus42 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Lawrence, KS: 9pm, 12/16 - driver: sisyphus42 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/16-12/17 - bed: sisyphus42 **COMPLETED**

Meet up at the Dunkin Donuts in Lawrence, KS at 11am **COMPLETED**

Depart Lawrence, KS: 11:10 am, 12/17 - driver #12: gifa **COMPLETED**

Arrive Kansas City, MO: 11:50pm, 12/17 - driver: gifa **COMPLETED**

Meet up at Fiorella's Jack Stack BBQ (101 W. 22nd St. Kansas City, MO 64108) in the Crossroads at 12pm - 12:15pm, 12/17 **COMPLETED**

Depart Kansas City, MO: 2:00 - 2:30pm, 12/17 - driver: nkicroft **COMPLETED**

Arrive in Columbia, MO: 4:00 - 4:30pm, 12/17 - driver: nkicroft **COMPLETED**

Depart Columbia, MO: 4:00 pm, 12/17 - driver: ASPalum **COMPLETED**

Arrive St. Louis, MO: 6:00pm, 12/17 - driver: ASPalum **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/17-12/18 - bed: ASPalum **COMPLETED**

Depart St. Louis, MO: 9:00am 12/18 - driver: Aonyx and Boat **COMPLETED**

Arrive Memphis, TN: 3:00pm 12/18- driver: Aonyx and Boat **COMPLETED**

(note a change here... bad weather for pilot dm so...superfly takes the baton)

Depart Memphis, TN: ???? time 12/18- driver superfly **COMPLETED**

Arrive Starksville: ???? eta 3 hrs. after leaving memphis 12/18- driver:superfly **COMPLETED**

Depart Starkville, MS: 10am, 12/19 - driver: superfly **COMPLETED**

Arrive Anniston, AL: 2pm, 12/19 - driver: superfly **COMPLETED**

Depart Anniston, AL: 2:15pm, 12/19 - driver: Pirateboy **COMPLETED**

Arrive Atlanta, GA: 4pm, 12/19 - driver: Pirateboy **COMPLETED**

Depart Atlant, GA: 5:45, 12/19 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Athens, GA: 7:15pm, 12/19 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/19-12/20 - bed: LJ **COMPLETED**

Depart Athens, GA: 8am, 12/20 - driver: LJ **COMPLETED**

Arrive Myrtle Beach, SC: 3pm, 12/20 - driver: LJ **COMPLETED**

Depart Myrtle Beach, SC: 5:30pm, 12/20 - driver: junk **COMPLETED**

Arrive Raleigh, NC: 10pm, 12/20 - driver: junk **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/20-12/21 - bed: GW **COMPLETED**

Depart Raleigh, NC: 9am, 12/21 - driver: GW **COMPLETED**

Arrive Richmond, VA: 1:00pm, 12/21 - driver: GW **COMPLETED**

Depart Richmond, VA: 2:00pm, 12/21 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Washington, DC: 4:15pm, 12/21 **COMPLETED**

Depart Washington, DC: 5:30pm, 12/21 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Baltimore, MD: 6:30pm, 12/21 **COMPLETED**

Depart Baltimore, MD: 7:30pm, 12/22 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Hidden Valley, PA: 11:00pm, 12/22 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/21-12/22 **COMPLETED**

Depart Hidden Valley, PA: 10:30am, 12/22 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Youngstown, CT: 12:00 noon, 12/22 **COMPLETED**

Depart Youngstown, CT: 1:15pm, 12/22 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Danville, PA: 5:15pm, 12/22 **COMPLETED**

Depart Danville, PA: 6:15, 12/22 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Lancaster: 9pm, 12/22 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/22-12/23 **COMPLETED**

Depart Lancaster, PA: AM 12/23 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Downtington, PA: AM 12/23 **COMPLETED**

Depart Downington, PA: AM, 12/23 **COMPLETED**

Proposed Princeton pit/pinning/snack/stretch stop 10:00am? let me know, shelleyq (at) **COMPLETED**

Arrive New York City: 4:30pm, 12/23 **COMPLETED**

Do things in New York rest of day, 12/23 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/23-12/24 **COMPLETED**

Depart New York City: 10:00am, 12/23 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Glen Head, NY: 11:00am, 12/23 **COMPLETED**

Depart Glen Head, NY: 3:15pm, 12/24 - driver: SB **COMPLETED**

Arrive Orient Point, NY: 5:45pm, 12/24 - driver: SB **COMPLETED**

Depart Orient Point, NY: 6pm, 12/24 [Ferry] **COMPLETED**

Arrive New London, CT: 6:45pm, 12/24 [Ferry] **COMPLETED**

Depart New London, CT: 7pm, 12/24 - driver: Madam Dufarge **COMPLETED**

Arrive Westbrook, CT: 7:30pm, 12/24 - driver: Madam Dufarge **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/24-12/25 - bed: Madam Dufarge **COMPLETED**

Spend Christmas in Westbrook, CT **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/25-12/26 - bed: Madam Dufarge **COMPLETED**

Depart Westbrook, CT: 10:00am, 12/26 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Cumberland, RI: 11:45am, 12/26 **COMPLETED**

Depart Cumberland, RI: 1:15pm, 12/26 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Douglas, MA: 2:30pm, 12/26 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/26-12/27 **COMPLETED**

Depart Douglas, MA: 8:00am, 12/27 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Worcester, MA 9:00am, 12/27 **COMPLETED**

Depart Worcester, MA 9:15am, 12/27 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Troy, NY: 10:30 am, 12/27 **COMPLETED**

Depart Troy, NY: 12pm-ish, 12/27 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Syracuse, NY: 5:00pm, 12/27 **COMPLETED**

Depart Syracuse, NY: 12:00 noon, 12/28 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Buffalo, NY: 1:15pm, 12/28 **COMPLETED**

Sleep in Buffalo, NY **COMPLETED**

Depart Buffalo, NY: 2:15pm, 12/28 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Guelph, ON, Canada: 4:30pm, 12/28 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/28-12/29 **COMPLETED**

Depart Guelph, ON, Canada: 12:00 noon, 12/29 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Woodstock, ON, Canada 1:00 pm, 12/29 **COMPLETED**

Depart Woodstock, ON, Canada 1:15pm, 12/29 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Grand Rapids, MI: 6:15pm, 12/29 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/29-12/30 **COMPLETED**

Depart Grand Rapids, MI: 9am, 12/30 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Lansing, MI: 10:45am, 12/30 **COMPLETED**

Depart Lansing, MI: 11:00pm, 12/30 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Toledo, OH: 1:00pm, 12/30 **COMPLETED**

Depart Toledo, OH: 2:15pm, 12/30 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Dayton, OH: 5:15pm, 12/30 **COMPLETED**

Depart Dayton, OH: 6:30pm, 12/30 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Columbus, OH: 7:45pm, 12/30 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/30-12/31 **COMPLETED**

Depart Columbus, OH: 8:45am, 12/31 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Ada, OH: 10:30am, 12/31 **COMPLETED**

Depart Ada, OH: 10:45am, 12/31 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Chicago, IL: 4:30pm, 12/31 **COMPLETED**

Depart Chicago, IL: 6:15pm, 12/31 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Madison, WI: 9pm, 12/31 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 12/31-1/1 **COMPLETED**

Depart Madison, WI: 11:30am, 1/1 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Belmont, WI: 12:30pm, 1/1 **COMPLETED**

Depart Belmont, WI: 12:45pm, 1/1 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Cedar Rapids, IA: 3:15pm, 1/1 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 1/1-1/2 **COMPLETED**

Depart Cedar Rapids, IA: 11:45am, 1/2 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Iowa City, IA: 12:30pm, 1/2 **COMPLETED**

Depart Iowa City, IA: 2pm, 1/2 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Ames, IA: 4:30 pm, 1/2 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 1/2-1/3 **COMPLETED**

Depart Ames, IA: 9am, 1/3 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Minneapolis, MN: 1pm, 1/3 **COMPLETED**

Sleep Minneapolis, MN 1/3-1/4 **COMPLETED**

Depart Minneapolis, MN: 3pm, 1/4 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Fargo, ND: 11:15am, 1/4 **COMPLETED**

Depart Fargo, ND: 12:15pm, 1/4 **COMPLETED**

Arrive KJW's city, ND: 3:15pm, 1/4 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 1/4-1/5 **COMPLETED**

Depart KJW's city, ND: 8am, 1/5 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Wibaux, MT: 1:30pm, 1/5 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Bozeman, MT: 8pm, 1/5 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 1/5-1/6 **COMPLETED**

Depart Bozeman, MT: 8am, 1/6 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Missoula, MT: 10:15am, 1/6 **COMPLETED**

Depart Missoula, MT: 10:30am, 1/6 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Spokane, WA: 1:00pm, 1/6 **COMPLETED**

Depart Spokane, WA: 2:00pm, 1/6 **COMPLETED** Due to a snow slide and some bad weather conditions, the route became impassable between Spokane and Seattle via car, therefore this leg had to be completed via plane.

Arrive Seattle, WA: 3pm, 1/6 **COMPLETED**

Sleep 1/6-1/7 **COMPLETED**

Depart Seattle, WA: 9am, 1/7 **COMPLETED**

Arrive Portland, OR: 12:45pm, 1/7 **COMPLETED**

Depart Portland, OR: 2:30pm, 1/7 - driver: talia **COMPLETED**

Arrive Eugene, OR: 4 pm, 1/7 - driver: talia **COMPLETED**


Color noted if participant has lines on map.

If any information is not correct, tell me!

  • SportsRacers:

cadydidwhat: Youngstown, OH. To/from New York City, NY? Red.

lukkucairi: Salt Lake City, UT. To/from Denver, CO or Las Vegas, NV. Only pre 12/22 and post 1/2. Green.

Awed_Job: Minneapolis, MN. To/from Chicago. Bed. Red.

kow613, pre 12/??: Dayton, OH. To/from Indianapolis, IN, Cleveland, OH, Cincinatti, OH, or Columbus, OH. Brown.

kow613, post 1/1: NYC. Bed.

notwearingawire: Eugene, OR. To/from any Oregon Border. Purple.

Adriene: Bloomington, IL. Bed.

Pilot, post 12/22: Los Angeles, CA. Radius of "neighboring counties". Let's put a 2 to 2.5hr limit on that. I can't drive all the way to the AZ border (as much as I would like to)...well maybe I can...I would rather not though. Pilot 19:27, 17 November 2006 (PST) I actually don't have you on the map, Pilot, since you won't be around before 12/22 and I gotta be to MS by then. Sorry for the confusion. RunningFool 20:00, 17 November 2006 (PST)
UPDATE: It looks like I may be coming into town Dec 16th. IF you still need a ride, I may be able to extend my driving radius. Would love to participate. -matt (pilot)

My plans change all the time. As we get closer, I will let you know if I get in before the 22nd. Right now, it looks like I'll be in town as of the night of the 20th, possibly sooner. 20:20, 23 November 2006 (PST)

tapanuli: Chicago. "Quasi-concierge service".

shabbosgoy: Grafton, MA. To/from New York City, NY? Red.

snugglewumpus: Howell, MI. 2 hour driving radius. Bed. Purple.

~Kitsu: Rochester, NY. Driving radius of 4+ hours. Bed. Green.

panzyfaust: Jacksonville, FL. Brown.

Debbie's Easy: Kansas City, MO. To/from St. Louis, MO, Omaha, NE, or Des Moines, IA. Green.

affablehipster: Tempe, AZ. 2-3 hour driving radius. Bed. Purple.

superfly: Starkville, MS. Only before 12/22. 4-5 hour driving radius. Bed. Red.

Kayra: Suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. To New York City, NY? Bed?

habile b: Madison, WI. To/from Chicago, IL. Bed. Green.

W8 What: Las Vegas, NV. To/from Phoenix, AZ. Bed. Red.

CherishHellfire: Fremont, CA. 5-6 hour driving radius. Blue.

DucknCover: Iowa City, IA. To Illinois (close to Chicago?). Bed. Blue.

Pirateboy: Atlanta, GA. Whatever is needed. Purple.

girlie_sportsracer: Denial, UT. Routinely goes to Sacramento, CA.

no wire hangers: Hendersonville, NC. 2 hour driving radius. Tentative, due to scheduling.

sisyphus42: Lawrence, KS. To/from anywhere in KS. To/from Denver? Bed. Red.

talia: Portland, OR. To/from Eugene or 2 hour driving radius. Brown.

DM: Hot Springs, AR. Memphis, TN to Starkville, MS, by plane! Brown.

TB: Cedar Rapids, IA. ~100 mile driving radius. Bed. Purple.

Deep Grock: Boston, MA? Willow Spring, NC?

gifa: Kansas City, MO. To/from Lawrence, KS. Brown.

DH: Eureka Springs, AR. To/from Tulsa, OK or Little Rock, AK. Bed. Purple.

ST: Seattle. Only post 1/2. 6 hour driving radius. Green.

MR: Fresno, CA. Bed/food.

jes5199: Mobile, AL. To Tallahassee, FL. Any time/date after 8am on 12/23. Blue.

SMC: Austin, TX. To/from Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, or San Antonio, TX. Red.

Femdujour: West Chester, PA. Bed. 200 mile radius. Bed. Purple.

XIV: Minneapolis, MN. To/from Madison, WI, Des Moines, IA, Fargo, ND, or Bemidji, MN. Purple.

GT: Baltimore, MD. 2 hour driving radius. Possible time conflicts. Brown.

SRD: Denver, CO. A little bit of driving. Bed. Brown.

JJ: Buffalo, NY. A little bit of driving. Brown.

JS: Denver, CO. Bed.

JR: Greensboro, NC. To/from Charlotte, NC or Durham, NC. Bed. Only pre 12/21. Purple.

JAM, pre 12/23 or post 12/27: Orlando, FL.\

JAM, 12/23-12/26: Boca Raton, FL. }- 1.5 hours North, 4 hours South. Bed. Red.

JAM, 12/27: Gainesville, FL. /

davidsmind: Vancouver, BC, Canada. Bed.

KF: Iowa City, IA. To/from Omaha, NE or Chicago, IL. Bed. Neon Green.

Goocher: Ada, OH. To/from Chicago, IL AND Youngstown. OH. Bed. Green.

SB: Glen Head, NY. To/from Orient Point, NY. Bed. Brown.

Cedar: Washington, DC. To/from anywhere? Bed. Red.

AL: Los Angeles, CA. To Boston, MA. arriving in Boston on 12/22 or 12/23.

VA: Ogden, UT. 2 hours East. Bed. Red.

CowboyCharlie: Dallas. To/from Oklahoma City or Tulsa, OK. Blue.

Friends of CowboyCharlie: Stillwater, OK. To/from Tulsa, OK. Bed. Blue.

DB: Laguna Beach, CA. 3 hour driving radius. Bed. Brown.

CE: Edwardsville, IL. 2-3 hour driving radius. Bed. Red.

JPL: Medford, MA. 5-6 hour driving radius. Bed. Neon Green.

DDH: Columbus, OH. Nebulous travel plans. Can drive on weekends. Bed. Blue.

MS: Vancouver, BC, Canada. Some driving. Bed.

AG: Chapel Hill, NC. 4-5 hour driving radius. Bed. Atlanta, GA to Chapel Hill, NC on 12/18 or 12/19. Blue.

SP: San Diego or San Francisco. 8 hour driving radius from either. Bed in San Diego. Neon Green.

DT: San Jose, CA. To/from as far as Los Angeles. Red.

Janelle Renée: Oakland, CA. To/from as far as Ashland or Las Vegas. Bed. Brown.

RM: Toronto, ON, Canada. 2 hour driving radius. Blue.

JL: Salt Lake City, UT. To/from Las Vegas. Blue.

CMS: San Clemente, CA. To/from Los Angeles or San Diego. Purple.

gypsy sister: Des Moines, IA. Some driving? Only pre 12/24. Bed. Brown.

jessic0re: Sacramento, CA. To/from San Francisco. Only pre 12/15. Purple.

Spatulated, pre 12/23: Rochester, NY. 150+ mile driving radius. Bed. Neon Green.

Spatulated, post 12/24: Lakewood, OH 150+ mile driving radius. Bed. Neon Green.

AgentUhOh7: Santa Rosa, CA. 2.5 hour driving radius. Bed. Green.

mrdamienfoxx: ???, Virginia. Not 12/23-12/28.

mr. carter: Richmond, VA. Bed. Virginia Beach to Richmond+ on 12/26 or 12/27. To/from Williamsburg pre 12/22. Green.

entitea: Pittsburgh, PA. 8 hour driving radius. only pre 12/17? Brown.

rhesusmonkey: Tucson, AZ. Bed. A bit of driving? Green.

jaredly2: Des Moines, IA. Driving (how far?). Bed. Brown.

sonicspectrum: Victoria, BC. Bed.

BP: Lake Leelanau, MI. To/from Kalamazoo. Bed. Tentative (scheduling). Brown.

WH: Orange County, CA. Can drive a ways. Bed. Weekends are best.

AutoDestructo: Jacksonville. To/from Tallahassee. Purple.

CD: Morris, MN. 2 hour driving radius. Bed. Only after 12/28. Green.

ccinlbi: Newport Beach. Bed. 15 Miles from Philadelphia a few days before and after xmas..?

LB: Phoenix, AZ. 3 hour driving radius. Bed. Purple.

CC: Butler, PA. 3.5 hour driving radius. Bed. Another bed in Hidden Valley. Light Blue.

AF: Louisville, KY. To/from Cincinatti, OH AND Evansville, IN. Any day except 12/24 and 12/25. Bed. Green.

IC: Baltimore, MD. 8 hour driving radius. Bed. Light Blue.

junk: Raleigh, NC. 250 mile driving radius. Brown.

GW: Raleigh, NC. 2 hour driving radius. Bed. Red.

NS: Boulder, CO. To/from Kansas Border or Utah border. Bed. Purple.

CB: Philo, CA. 200 mile driving radius. Bed. Only after 12/10. Light Blue.

geechee_girl: southern NH, parts of MA - "Emergency Rescue Service" if needed

JasTiger: Des Moines, IA. To/from Omaha, NE AND Iowa City, IA. Red.

Peetie: Santa Cruz, CA. 100 mile radius. Bed.

EG: Grosse Pointe, MI. 1 hour driving radius. Bed. Only pre-12/29. Neon Green.

MB#1: Seattle, WA. Quasi-concierge service.

Ergo: Minneapolis, MN. 4 hour driving radius. Bed. Neon Green.

MB#2: Westbrook, CT. Bed.

CM: New York City, NY. Meal/drinks. Bed.

AC: Newark, DE. To/from Baltimore or Philadelphia. Green.

TAH: Newport, RI. 4 hour driving radius. Bed. No 12/22 - 12/27. Green.

PJA: Boone, NC. 60 mile driving radius. Bed. Green.

peacekismet: Minneapolis, MN. Help w/ driving around.

Genissimo: Durham, NC to Atlanta, GA to Charleston, SC, to Franklin, NC, to Durham, NC. Need times.

KJW: North Dakota. Border to Border. Bed. Blue. Need exact city.

deadgraviti: Huntington Beach, CA. To/from anywhere in SoCal. Bed. Party? Can't do the party, sorry :( Orange.

JTC: Austin, TX. Bed. Red.

NFK: Miami, FL. To/from Orlando, FL. Blue.

SJ: Prescott, AZ. 8-10 hour driving radius. Bed. Light Blue.

JA: Oakland, CA. Bed. Birthday party including concert on 12/9.

AC#2: Calgary, AB, Canada. 6 hour driving radius. Bed. Only post 12/31. Purple.

KT: Troy, NY. Hour driving radius. Bed. Only post 12/26. Blue.

HG: St. Louis, MO. Quasi-concierge service.

SK: Princeton, NJ. 150 mile driving radius. Historical reenactment on 12/25. Orange.

KG: Pocatello, ID. To/from Boise, ID, Ogden, UT, or some MT. Bed. Brown.

kylejbritt: Orlando, FL. Bed. Food.

peve sternie: Newmarket, NH. Ride(?). Bed. Red.

Deluge: Ames, IA. To/from Rochester, MN or anywhere in IA. Bed. Light Blue.

aonyx: St. Louis. To/from Chicago, IL, Memphis, TN, Eureka Springs, AR, Denver, CO, Des Moines IA, etc. Bed. Neon Green.

deadgraviti: Huntington Beach, CA. To/from anywhere in SoCal. Bed. Orange.

EK: Olympia, WA. Bed.

Royce: Kansas City, KS. Bed.

CKS: Clinton Township, MI: 4 hour driving radius. Bed. Purple.

RSL: San Diego. To/from CA/AZ Border. Bed. Blue.

LC: Cleveland, OH. Bed.

SMK: State College, PA. Bed. Maaaaaaaaaybe car.

QM: Jacksonville, FL. 2 hour driving radius. No 12/15-21.

chodester: Philadelphia. Drinks. Bed? 12/23-1/1 only.

gypsyrdrnnr: Charlotte, NC. Food. Ride if Fri-Sun?

Sweet Georgia Peach: Atlanta, GA. 2-3 hour driving radius. No 12/22-12/30. Bed. Neon Green.

CondescendingRussianHarpy: Boston, MA. Drinks.

JF#1: Cumberland, RI. 2+ hour driving radius? Green.

RY: Chicago, IL. Bed.

CT: Jackson Hole, WY. Bed. Skiing?

JEBS: Cincinatti, OH. 3 hour driving radius (Louisville, KY, Lexington, KY, Columbus, OH, Indianapolis, IN, Wheeling, WV). Post 12/15. Red.

PES: McKinney, TX. 3-4 hour driving radius. Bed.

AS: RI. 3 hour driving radius. Green.

LN: Albuquerque, NM. 10 hour driving radius. Bed. Orange.

JC: Storrs, CT or Wilton, CT. To/from anywhere in CT. Bed. Blue.

CL: Pensacola, FL. 50 mile driving radius. Neon Green.

LUKE: Asheville, NC. To/from wherever. Bed. Orange.

pathtaken: Charlotte, NC. To/from Charleston, SC or 2 hour driving radius. Weekdays. Light Blue.

crackerjackflashdance: Nashville, TN. To/from Memphis, Atlanta, Knoxville, or Louisville. Bed. Light Blue.

MJF: Bozeman, MT. Not too far of driving.

NDH: Chapel Hill, NC. 2 hour driving radius. Bed.

creepyloner: Greensboro, NC. To/from as far as Atlanta or Washington DC. Bed.

Lady Leary: 4 hours north of Boston, ME. Whatever's necessary.

twain101: will be meeting me in MS?

delindakay: Inverness/Hernando, FL. Bed.

J.W.: Stratford, CT. Bed.

Bethamphetamine: Killington, VT. Driving. Bed.

EcoKath: Hour north of Kalispell, MT. Whatever's needed? Skiin'.

eka83: Enfield, NH. 4 hour driving radius. Pre 12/22.

Dengarm: Fullerton, CA. 500 mile driving radius. Bed.

BagelSlayer: St. Paul, MN. Bed? Driving?

NSG: Greensboro, NC: 2 hour driving radius. Bed.

Sarah: Baltimore, MD. 3 hour driving radius. Bed.

SG: Newburyport, MA or Exeter, NH. Bed. No 12/29-1/2.

Kate the Hoosier Librarian: Evansville, IN. To Indianapolis, IN and back on 12/13 and 12/14.

RM: Calgary, AB, Canada. 3-6 hour driving radius, depending on weather.

ML: Bozeman, MT. Bed.

RAON: Eagle, ID. Bed. To Spokane?

WH: College Park, GA. 4 hour driving radius. Bed. No 12/15, 12/26-28.

DC: Indianapolis, IN. Bed. Driving?

JT: Hidden Valley, PA. 2 hour driving radius. Bed.

BF: Winston-Salem, NC. 1 hour driving radius. Only 12/26-12/30. Bed 12/21-12/23.

EN: Athens, GA. Some driving? Bed.

JS: St. Louis, MO. To/from Kansas City or Memphis. Weekends only.

Happy but Nervous. Fort Worth, TX. To/from Oklahoma City or Austin. Bed.

CH: Austin, TX. Whatever's needed. No 12/21-12/28.

AStJ: Seattle, WA. Bed. Drinks.

PR: St. Louis, MO. To/from Memphis. Bed.

Peetie: Santa Cruz, CA. To/from San Francisco AND Paso Robles, CA. Bed.

NSA: Cincinatti, Indianapolis, Chicago. To/from any. Bed in Indy. No 12/24-26 or 12/31-1/1.

JM: Watertown, SD to Fargo, ND on random days up to 1/1.

rascaltwitch22: Lawrence, KS. To Chicago on 12/17?

JC: Springfied, MO. Bed. Pre 12/23 or post 1/3

Jastien: Rochester, MN. 7 hour driving radius. Bed. Wednesday or Saturday or Tuesday morning.

Tdirrty: Lexington, KY. Some driving.

DL: San Antonio, TX. 100 mile driving radius. Bed.

tomas: Jersey Shore, PA. To NYC or DC.

LDB: Brenham, TX. Bed.

radio: Iowa City, IA. 3 hour driving radius. Bed.

JP: Denver, CO. Bed.

Bethany: Springfield, IL. Some driving. Bed.

AG: Minneapolis, MN. To/from Morris, MN. Bed.

Elliot: Santa Rosa, CA. 3 hour driving radius. Bed.

Gwen: ???, MI.

MSD: Chicago, IL. Whatever's needed?

SalemThyme: Suburbs of NYC. A little bit of driving. Bed.

The Divine Miss Belle: El Cajon, CA. Bed.

Emi: New Britain, CT. Bed. Driving?

TH: Ames, IA. 2 hour driving radius. Whatever's needed.

TLF: My bed in Starkville.

sonicspectrum: Victoria, BC, Canada. To/from ferry. Bed.

EP: Las Vegas, NV. To/from as far as San Diego. Bed. Wants an interview.

The Radish: Mobile, AL to New Orleans, LA.

SS: Worcester, MA to Augusta, ME, via Medford MA if need be.

BR: Portland, OR. Bed.

IJK: Portland, ME. Bed. Lobster.

BD: Montpellier, VT. Bed.

DKC: Larkspur, CA. Bed. Tour guide in San Francisco.

Mark Day Comedy: San Francisco, CA. Bed.

MMC, 12/18-12/23 and post 12/28: Gainesville, FL. To/from Orlando, Savannah, AL/FL border, Jacksonville. Bed. MMC, 12/23-12/28: Winchester, VA. Bed.

CO: Minneapolis, MN. To/from MN/SD border. Bed.

CM#3: Philadelphia, PA. 1.5 hour driving radius on weekends. Bed. Pre-Xmas only.

CH: Oklahoma City, OK. Drive to anywhere in the state. Bed.

HarleyFromDetroit: Detroit, MI. Bed. Wants an interview.

JW: Los Angeles, CA to/from Las Vegas, NV. Post 12/9 only.

MS: Seattle to Portland in January on a weekday.

RC: Boston, MA. Bed.

MJ: Germantown, MD. 4 hour driving radius. Bed.

timp: Lancaster, PA. 100 mile driving radius. Bed.

CPM: South Bend, IN. Bed.

circularfile: Burlington, VT. 30-50 miles on weekends, 10-20 miles on weekdays. Bed.

DJ: San Diego, CA. Bed.

RT: Montgomery, AL. To/from Birmingham, Mobile, or Atlanta. Bed.

Rapture: Queens, New York City, NY. Bed.

lachme: Tri-cities, WA. From pendleton, OR to Spokane, WA. Boise if Wed or Thurs. Bed.

RW: Minneapolis, MN. 4 hour driving radius.

A B: Lexington, KY. Bed.

KB: San Francisco. Bed. 12/8 only.

nkicroft: doin' what she's doin'. You know.

SCH: Portland, ME. 2 hour driving radius (Boston or Manchester). Bed.

SM: San Rafael, CA. Bed.

JR: Fort Wayne, IN. 6 hour driving radius. Bed?

Pauladeeee: New Fairfield, CT. To/from RI or NYC. Bed.

CMY: New York City, NY. Bed.

TripperDay: Little Rock, AR. To/from Memphis. To/from St. Louis if on Fri or Sat.

lowbatteries: Moscow, ID. From Missoula to Spokane. Bed.

Montananizer: MT/ND border to Missoula. Bed in Bozeman or Great Falls.

miff-bizzles: ??????. Bed.

JF#2: Oberlin, OH. Going to Atlanta, GA on 12/30.

rocketpoe: Providence, RI or Albany, NY? Bed. Food. Ride.

CC: Boulder to Maryland and back around Christmas?

Rhubarb: Driving from Los Angeles to Boston. Hoping to Arrive around the 22nd/23rd of Dec. Then returning via NYC, Jackson MI, Chicago, then LA.

  • Honorary Sports Racers:

Dragonspirit1: Grand Rapids, MI. 5 hour driving radius. Bed. Red.

FreedomFighter: Guelph, ON, Canada. Bed.

Katz: Houston, TX. Bed.

whattheshit: Sarasota, FL. To/from FL state line. Bed. Green.

NotRequired: Muskegon, MI. Can drive all the way to the coast! Blue.

r3n0z: Green Bay, WI. 6 hour driving radius. Bed. Light Blue.

thedudehasgotnomercy: Vancouver, WA. Whatever's needed.

killerskater: Houston, TX. Whatever's needed.

KH, pre 12/16: Tallahassee, FL. Bed.

KH, 12/15-12/24: St. Augustine, FL. Bed.

SS: Redlands, CA. Only before 12/26. Whatever is necessary. Green.

BD, pre 12/30: Spokane, WA. Whatever driving is necessary. Bed. Red.

BD, post 12/30: Seattle, WA. Whatever driving is necessary. Bed. Red.

MR: Westminster, CO. Only pre 12/22 and post 1/1. Bed.

LJ: Athens, GA. To/from the coast. Bed. Green.

MK: Salt Lake City, UT. Bed. Only pre 12/16. Ride to WY on 12/16.

TD: Olympia, WA, Seattle, WA, or Spokane, WA. Bed in any of those, any time. Driving Olympia to Seattle to Spokane on 12/22.

NE: Madison, WI. Only pre 12/22 or post 12/30. 8 hour driving radius, weekends; shorter radius on weekday evenings. Brown.

  • Non-driving, non-lodging offers:

eddie at San Francisco, CA. Wants an interview.

comeasur: Indianapolis, IN. Food.

AM: Lawrence, KS. Food.

AW: Phoenix, AZ. Food.

SG: Salt Lake City, UT. Food/drinks/party.

Ked: Toledo, OH. Food.

CourtCat: Detroit, MI. Food.

StephTV: Los Angeles. Drinks.

Chris Baker: LA? Denver? Colorado Springs? Wants to shoot some of the trip.

AJ: Watertown, MN. Stop by for coffee.

DoSomething: Omaha, NE. Food, water, sexual favors, etc.

Not on map, reason: Pilot, as I will be out of CA by 12/20; Kayra, need exact city and driving radius; girlie_sportsracer, need driving radius; Deep Grock, need to know which city you'll be in, when, and what kind of driving you can do; geechee_girl, need exact city, when, and what kind of driving you can do; Genissimo, need dates of availability.
Update, check my little blurb. -pilot Update made and check your email for details on what it means: geechee_girl (Leslie)

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