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What is quacking?

Quacking adds people as your contacts - like adding friends list on MySpace. If you quack, the other duckie can quack back. After this happens, they will appear at the bottom of your profile. You can unquack before they quack back by visiting their profile later and clicking 'unquack.' You can't unquack after they quack back.

If you have been quacked, it shows up on your messages page on the far right hand side.

Want to know who you have quacked, but who hasn't quacked back? Go to "Messages->sent" and it will displayed on the far right hand side.

The avatars, a.k.a. headshots of your "quackbacks" are listed on your ORG user homepage and are called "quackers" underneath the display of your uploaded media. Your quackers are listed in the order of most recently created headshots.


What are paddlers?

Paddlers are the people who have viewed your profile. It appears that once someone is noted as a paddler their place in the list never changes (so if they come back to view your page again, they aren't moved to the top of the list).


  • if the someone does not have a custom headshot, and look at your profile, they will not show up in your paddler line up.

Is there any way to be notified when there are comments on pictures and videos?

Notification is subtle, but it's there: The thumbnail will show up at the front of all your other images AND its border will turn green.
Also, the border around your headshot on the left sidebar turns green.

How do I change my location?

You edit your location using the "change location" option, which is in "account settings".

Unimplemented Speculation/Phased out Features


as of v0.59
shuffler has been phased out

as of v0.48
awesomeness display on holiday, may return

supportandcomfort seems to give out awesomeness points as rewards for doing awesome deeds. For example, "kicking butt on the wiki" will get you ten points, and signing up early to the ORG gave a 5 point early signup bonus. The purpose of awesome points is currently unknown.

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