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You actually have four locations:

  • home
  • school
  • work
  • play

Your current default is shown here.

Each location stores it's own private/public location pair (grey/red markers).

Public locations are how you appear on the map to others.

Private locations are used for driving directions, finding nearby businesses, and so forth. If the driving directions are wonky, move the private location closer to your house.

Change Locations

  • To change your default location, simply click one of the options, and click "Set to default". The sidebar command will be changed to 'Home', 'School', 'Work', or 'Play' accordingly, and your new location will be used to judge distance between you and others.
    • To change your location inside of an option, you can either drag both your private and public markers to a new spot, or you can use the address finder. In the top right corner of the maps to the right of the zoom in/zoom out buttons is a small button with an icon that has one square inside another. Click this icon to enter an address (Note: Enter the address as if you were using google maps to find something. For example: both 2850 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA and 2850 Ocean Park Blvd, 90405 work. As do just zip codes [90405] or just cities [Los Angeles]). This will automatically move both your public and private markers to your address (private) and a spot a few blocks away (public).
  • When you log into the ORG each time, you will be taken the default map page where you will see your default location as well as nearby sports racers.
  • The purpose of locations is to allow users to see how many sports racers are in the area. All other sports racers will see your "public" location (for me it's a supermarket down the block).
  • When a user looks at a profile, they will see a distance measurement. This distance is calculated using the browsing users private, and the browsed users public locations.

Having problems with the map?

Try zooming out, then back in again.



What do the username colors represent?


To display the most recent logins in your vicinity, beneath the "people search" field, click on the radio button "recent visits" and the user names will be sorted according to their last login time.

Although you could use this to find out who is now on-line by zooming the map all the way out, it is much easier to see who is online by going to
what's new? >> Logins


You can use the ORG map like Google Local if you check the Businesses, Housing, or Jobs box. When you search, your results will be displayed on the map as gray markers. Clicking on a marker will bring up a small information box with the address and a more info link. All local results will be displayed on the right hand side (where user names usually are) and are also links.


By clicking on the "Events" check box at the bottom of the map on the ORG home page you will see a list of events in your area. If you would like to add an event and have it show up on the ORG map, go to and register. Once registered, add an event and it will soon show up on the ORG.


Checking "packs" and doing a search will show you "local" packs. The engine will search all the pack leaders, and display the packs whose leader's location is closest to you.


Checking "Media" will display members who have added a video or an image recently. The sidebar will display the user name, the type of media, when it was added, and how far they are from you. Clicking on a marker will bring up the users avatar and a more info link which will take you to their profile. You can chose if you want to display just videos, just images, or both. You are discouraged from uploading cute snapshots of your housecats, which are beginning to overwhelm the bandwidth and sensibilities of more practical users.


Blogs search is the same as a media search. You will see the user name, their distance from you, and when their blog was last updated. Click on a marker causes the same action as in media.

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