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Packs are transient groups which will focus on creating content, and will be known for their members and their deeds, not their names. Existing packs can be renamed.

Packs aren't meant to be used for locations -- there's a nifty mapping technology one click away that lets you find folks nearby.

Finding Packs

The easiest ways to find packs:

  • find members you think are interesting and click to see what pack they're in
  • check "packs" on the map and browse around your neighborhood/city to find packs near you
  • click "what's new" and page through the new packs
  • click "what's new" and page through recent pack changes
  • click "what's popular" and page through the popular packs
  • say "screw it" and start your own pack, let people come to you

Managing Packs

Click on packs in the sidebar. From the header menu, you can now view the most popular packs, new packs, and recent pack activity. The last item in the menu is a context sensitive link: If you are not currently a pack leader, you are offered to "create a pack". If are already the leader of a pack, you will be offered to "manage your pack"

The "Manage Pack Page" lists your affiliation, if any, and also gives you the option to either rename or dissolve your pack.

To affiliate with another pack, go find that pack's page and the actions pane will offer an option to affiliate with them.

Currently, you are limited to founding one pack, and each pack my only be affiliated with one other pack.

Forming Your Own Pack

To start your own pack you must first leave (quit) any pack you are joined to.

After you have left you can now created your own pack, you can also post a comment or add your own mission statement.

Once you have created your own pack you can stand alone or form an alliance with one other pack.

If you want to merge with a different pack later on, you must first break alliance with your current pack and then form a new alliance or you can stand alone.

The pack you join in turn can align their pack with another pack making your overall numbers greater.

Once you have joined a pack you can leave comments for other users amongst the aligned packs. Click on you aligned pack icon, then click comments, then click add comment.

You can also add a pack to your favorites.

If you are having trouble click on flag and chose one of the options.

Currently, there are no controls for who may join or exit your individual pack.

Are Hierarchical Groups (packs) Genius?


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