the commentary: 04-05-06

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(the show: 04-05-06 | the replay)

don’t swim upstream baby the future is right where you were…

i’m so tired right now… can you write the commentary on this one? there’s a few firsts, can you spot them?

i will say that the line “what people think of you is none of your business” was a direct result of trying to come to terms with how deeply negative comments affected me. I’ve heard that negative feedback impacts you something like 7 times (or 17 times… something with a 7) as much as positive feedback. what a shitty ratio. i can attest to that, or something like that. there were a lot of lines like this that i threw in – things that were on my mind but felt better as disembodied references than as full themes. and one episode where i filmed myself crying for real – but not because of comments - i’ll point it out.

so – your turn – what do you notice? what firsts? do you see them? what else do you see?

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