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(the show: 04-06-06 | the replay)

i like the line about global warming and herpes, and the intelligent design riff near the end as well.

The comment left by Jessica was very unexpected and was the first sign that the show’s audience was starting to widen. The joke from the previous show was that CNN had quoted a college student as a source on the culture of blogging, and I chose to stay on that theme – taking apart college altogether. It seems a bit harsh in retrospect, but it opened the door for the Power Move and entry into the world of the Sportsracer. It was an offer to join a club as conciliation for the ribbing… i don’t think she accepted – but a lot of other people did. Nothing was planned at this point, and I seem to be referring to myself as “Sportsracer”. But here was the first reference to the power move as a condition to being a “sidekick” – a term which I think was abandoned very quickly. I transitioned to the idea that all of us were Sportsracers. Way more fun to play if you aren’t technically the leader!

The Power Moves was a bit like the physical instantiation of the attitude of the show (with a nod to the Power Rangers). I loved doing mine – I loved the energy you got in your body from doing something so silly, and I loved doing it earnestly.

what the $%^# is your power move?

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