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1-10-07 This is where the subliminal message comes in that we’ve been talking about in the previous episode. I’m standing on top of a very,(man this is so awesome man!) on top of a very big (Couldn’t Hear) And you’re watching the show with Zefrank.

Hi there sports racers, sssomethin from the forum. JW writes: How to make it more likely Ze will read your suggestions, requests, questions. He continues: Wanna get on the show? Here’s what I’ve got so far. One, extremely short sentences or phrases are more likely to be read. Two, comments that can be discussed so that they apply to a broad and general audience, are more likely to be read. Avoid specific comments that cannot also be taken broadly or only apply to a specific demographic of people. Three, comments that leave the poster open for ridicule are more likely to be read, not that I’ve got my comment on the show or anything, so these are just observations, really. Anyway, Post Away! Hmm. Good Point. Russish writes: there haven’t been any new inductees into the league of awesomeness since September. I wasn’t gonna say anything, but now is probably the right time. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been distracted. What happened was, in September, the league of awesomeness discovered that I had posed for a calendar. Specifically, the 2006 Sleeping Macho Calendar. I posed for Mr. February. Not a leap year, but none the less. They were ok with me posing, but they weren’t happy that I accepted money. 45 dollars, plus a 15 dollar gift certificate to a paper company. I’m not gonna say which one, but it was a famous paper company. So, the upshot is, I’m under review, and uh, that goes for all of us, Sorry. Put that in the Pope and spank him. Pipe and smoke me. This isn’t going well. Anyway if I hear something I’ll let you know. And in the mean time just be as awesome as you can be.

CNN reports that a United Airlines passenger flying from Chicago to Vermont was stung twice in the leg by a scorpion. David Sullivan said it felt like “Being jabbed with a sharp piece of plastic”.

Interestingly, millions of people reported the same symptoms after listening to the lyrics of the scorpions’ hit songl “Rock You Like A Hurricane” It’s early morning, the sun comes out, last night was shaking, and pretty loud. My cat is purring, and scratches my skin, so what is wrong with another sin? The bitch is hungry, she needs to tell, so give her inches, and feed her veal. More days to come, new places to go, I’ve got to leave, it’s time for a show. This is Zefrank, rockin you like a hurricane.

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