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[Fun Winter Song Remix by Sports Racer zoomsoon, lyrics "Well here I am another little ducky in the pond ..."]

Sports Racer 1: From

Sports Racer 2: the Bubbly Blog

Sports Racer 3: It's the Show, with Ze Frank

I'm not sure if you noticed, but your door has a giant nipple on it.

Good morning Sports Racers, it's Friday the January of the 19th and knowledge says Yes!

I'll admit it, I like it when members of the service industry call me sweetie or honey. It kind of takes the edge off capitalism.

Thanks, baby.

I don't usually endorse businesses unless they pay me, but Commerce Bank has this Penny Arcade.

[ Zooming in on a photo of the Penny Arcade, Ze's Voice Over, "This is what it looks like in 2D." ]

I had a butt-load of change the other day so I tried it. You just put your change in the machine, it sorts it for you and, with no fee, it prints out a little ticket. In my case, the little ticket said that my pocket full of change was worth 98 cents and from that point it's easy. You just take it to the cashier and cash out.

And that saved me some time.

End gratuitous endorsement. Begin Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Day.

[ Fire Eagle animation by RTFEDD ]

According to a report released this week by the (holds nose) Pew Internet & American Life Project, more and more Americans are relying on the internet for their political news. Roughly 15% at the moment, and hell, I think it's a good thing. This week the Bush administration announced that it was ready to have bilateral talks with North Korea if the North Koreans abandoned their nuclear program.

The North Koreans, however, added to tensions in the region, erecting the largest pork sausage in history, one that spans the entire South Korean border. When provoked, that sausage reportedly has the ability to turn into a liquid, then a gas, then a liquid, then a solid, taking the form of whatever the South Koreans fear the most at that moment. Ironically, in this case, that very same Sausage. And that's why you don't trust the internet for news.

Speaking in Kuwait City earlier this week, Condoleezza Rice outlined her doctrine of diplomacy (link provided happily exciting in the sidebar). According to Ms. Rice, diplomacy is, quote, "Not about deal making. Not about negotiation." It turns out that "modern diplomacy" is in fact not about diplomacy. In this case, it's just another bullet wearing a fancy dress.

Last week, Somalia was handed a bag full of "modern diplomacy" when US gunships and helicopters launched missiles at retreating Islamist forces. US officials say that the target of the strikes had been Al-Quaeda terrorists, however they also say that the identity of the victims can not be confirmed. Just a guess, but maybe that's because they got hit by missiles. Remember this ain't no proxy war, it's just a proxy target practice.

This week the Bush administration urged the brand-new transitional Somali government to reach out to rival groups and clans. Maybe with deal making or negotiations. Old diplomacy.

Just weeks before lawsuits were gonna hit the courts regarding the legality of the NSA wiretapping program, the Bush administration reversed its position. The Administration will now submit its surveillance requests to an unnamed judge on a secret court in proceedings that apparently can not be appealed. Critics say that this is merely an attempt to avoid investigation into past wrongdoings and that the plan should be shoved up a secret someone's secret.

Finally in this strange little world that we've created for ourselves there's been some forward motion in the Music Video for Ray project. Awed Job and others have put in an amazing amount of work, but they need your help!

If you'd like to help out you can do so in a number of different ways:

1) By submitting a photo;

2) By calling up a phone number and singing a few lines of the song;

or 3) Submitting a video clip as defined in the shot list

All submissions are due by February 7 and you can find out the details by clicking the link in the sidebar.

PS: If you Live in San Francisco and have a video camera, CherishHellfire is looking for someone to collaborate with this weekend.

Go Sports Racers! This is zefrank, Have a great weekend!

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