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This episode of the show sponsored... just kidding.

Lets give... Lets give... Lets give... Funk it! Good morning sports racers. From the Iowa City Yacht Club, we're Gay Man Space Ship, and you're watching The Show with Ze Frank.

Getting funky at the Iowa City yacht club, the legacy of the Godfather.

Yesterday was travel day and I'm in San Francisco California, home of San Francisco California.

And Today is Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Day.

  • Fire Eagle Animation*

The first important news first, the New Scientist Reports that exposure to lotions and shampoos containing lavender and tea tree oils caused three young boys to develop breast tissue.

Recap: science says girly things make boys grow titties.

The intergovernmental panel on climate change released its report this week, and good news, it's not as bad as we thought.

Just kidding, it's worse.

Scientists said that temperatures and sea levels will rise faster than previously predicted.

And warned that this would cause them to release even more complicated charts and graphs.

Testimony at a congressional hearing earlier this week included a survey that said hundreds of governmental climate scientists had been pressured to downplay the climate threat.

Since the presidents state of the union address, in which he acknowledged global warming, this is no longer an issue.

Just kidding. Want to make ten thousand the easy way?

Guardian reports that Exxon Mobil funded American Enterprise institute has offered scientists ten thousand dollars to emphasize the shortcomings of the UN climate report.

More than twenty of the institutes staff members have worked as consultants for the Bush administration.

Outsource the pressure.

But, just in case, to hedge its bet, the US administration said that it would be asking scientists to look into some new technologies.

Specifically giant space mirrors and reflective dust to block out some of the Earth's sunlight.

Just kidding, that's silly.

Just kidding, it's true.

Good news in Iraq this week, at least conceptually.

You've probably heard this but it's worth repeating.

This week the President solved the famous philosophical quandary: is the glass half full, or is it half empty?

The President solved the riddle when he referred to Vice President Cheney as a 'half glass full' kinda guy.

Half full, half empty, doesn't matter. Just use a smaller glass.

Why is this important? General Casey showed he understood during yesterdays confirmation hearings.

Casey showed some half glass full optimism when he said that the job in Iraq could be done with only two brigades instead of the five that President Bush is sending.

When asked about his view about how things were going, Casey said 'I actually don't see it as slow failure. I actually see it as slow progress.'

Success, failure, it doesn't matter as long as you point out that it's slow.

After a pretty good Senator Biden announced his candidacy this Wednesday and proved that he could make lemons out of lemonade.

Biden referred to fellow candidate as 'The first mainstream African American who is articulate, and bright, and clean, and a nice looking guy.'

The statement was seen as politically damaging, although Biden said that it was taken out of context.

The statement was aparently made during a 'Say something only a total freaking moron say' contest.

Showing he could roll with the punches, however, Biden announced his new campaign slogan 'WAC' and promised he would do a White Articulate and Clean job if elected.

He added that he was confident that the country was ready for a whack job kind of president.

And nothing else happened this week. Unless you count the hundreds of emails I got telling me about the birth of a brand new giant baby.

Don't worry, that's just a normal giant baby. But we still need lots more power moves.

We also need a bunch more photos and videos for the video for Ray project.

For info on how to help, check out the link in the side bar.

And go to the ORG and look for projects labeled 'V for R'.

Have a great weekend. This is Ze Frank, thinking so you don't have to.

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