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Hello sports racers. This is a room with no echo.



And you're watching The Show with Ze Frank.

A room with no echo, that's pretty... ECHO! ECHO! ... strike that.

Funkytuba writes 'Why do public speakers always want to be clear when all they're really going to do is obfuscate further?

Funkytuba, that's a great question. Now to respond to that question, I'm gonna ask a question in return, which is, "What do you mean by 'be clear'?" Now, you could respond to that question with a question of your own which would be "Ze, what do you mean by 'mean'?" To crack that nut, I'm glad that you brought up the distinction between a public speaker and a private speaker. A private speaker of course has no audience. And to ask questions of clarity to no audience is akin to asking if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? What about two trees? We don't know. Skipping over semi-public speaking to public speaking, we find the speaker in a more mediamistic role, taking concepts form his or her head, translating them into some sort of a symbolic language which is then interpreted by various audience members. Now clarity could be expressed as a ratio of those who get it, to those who don't get it, as compared to the original concept.

Astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak, who went flying space shuttle, was able to experience a view of the earth from above. A symbol of unity, so fragile, so beautiful,

decided to try and kidnap another female astronaut because they both liked the same dude.

You didn't miss much. Its kinda like the Grand Canyon, but no nachos.

Miss Nowak drove 950 miles from Houston to Orlando wearing a disguise that consisted of a dark wig, glasses, a trench coat, and adult diapers.

The diapers of course were so that she did not have to stop to pee, which I think is actually a pretty good idea.

Let's not get too proud, we're all gonna be wearing them some day.

Most likely Captain Nowak picked up the diaper thing back at her NASA days.

Apparently astronauts wear them during take off and landing.

Hah, now there's an endorsement you don't see:

If it can take a bladder full of John Glenn, it can take a bladder full of you.

Captain Nowak told the police that she had just wanted to talk to her rival. She was arrested after trying to pepper spray her rival's face, and her car contained a steel mallet, a four inch folding knife, rubber tubing, and rubber gloves.

*clears throat* If that's what her idea of 'just talking' is, I'd hate to see what kinky sex looks like.

Captain Nowak described her relationship with the dude astronaut as 'more than a working relationship, but less than a romantic relationship.'

Millions of Americans are still trying to find out whether this included any fu...

HEY sports racers! Tomorrow is the deadline for media submissions to the video for Ray project.

You can even contribute with something as simple as a photograph.

Just follow the link in the side bar, and remember, if you get it done, I'll do my best to deliver it.

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