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[Introduction by geekgirl.TV] Happy Valentines Day! You're watching Zefrank's the show.

Ze: Good afternoon Sports Racers, today is February 14th, the day that we celebrate romanticynicism. And look at all that candy, that doesn't just represent love, that's love plus money.

Today we wear our fancy clothes, even Google dressed up for the occasion despite there being no possible mate for it's giant engorged phallus of a stock price.

[Picture of Google logo for Valentine's Day] That's right, Google once again went to their award-winning design team, to create something special for the holiday.

[chuckling] Wait... wait, does that say "Googe"?

[close-up of logo] Yes, Googe it is, unless you count that un-strawberry-like stem as the "L". Which I'm sure wasn't intended because that would be stupid.

Googe [chuckling] I got some Googe for ya. If ya look closely that little yellow "o" got some Googe on it. Dude it got Googed!

In all seriousness though Google, thank you for the effort. [Ze is hit with Googe] "Dude I got Googed!" [licks chocolate off face] That's all right.

No, that wasn't real Googe, like I could even afford real Googe. It's all CGI and green screen these days anyways.

It's snowing out today, which is appropriate for Valentines Day, since anything can be made into a metaphor for love.

[reciting poem]

As with the sudden snow fall
Love begins with a moment of untouched purity.
Once violated we struggle to give it shape and meaning,
Yearning to extend its pleasures,
With the knowledge that one day
It will melt -- away.

You know what sucks? Shoveling snow! My parents made me do it for my allowance.

[Cut to footage of Ze sliding on the snow on his stomach] We were a poor family, and we couldn't afford shovels. I dreaded those days, but looked forward to coming back inside, cold and wet, for some hot coco.

Love is like a box filled with cat poopies. [Cut to footage of cat litter pan with a shovel digging inside] On the surface one can find small nuggets of joy. But many more treasures can be found when one takes the time to dig underneath.

Whatever. You're talking about normal love. What about true love?

Way to combine two words that are well defined. You either love love, or you don't. If you do, be prepared to apply the same blind faith and lack of scrutiny that you would to your lover. Ignoring its pimples and its tendency to say the word "ironically" in the wrong situations.

Or else, you'll wind up like Roland Barthes!

Happy Valentines day my sweeties, now lets all get drunk!

[footage of Ze applying the Googe]

[picture saying: "V-DAY VIDEO -- IN THE SIDE BAR"]

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