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Yeah! wuhuhuh. I didn't sleep last night, I'm - cranky. I'm feeling like I don't like people. Not you. I know you. You know I know you. I know the you you know. You know, you. The you I know knows I know you. Now I know you know I know you.

Good morning Sportsracers, it's Friday April 28th, the sign in Knowledge's bathroom says "Employees must wash hands" but it says nothing about smearing shit on your chest.

S-s-s-something from the comments. aimee writes "Ze, face it, you hair has seen better days." Yeah, well you hair is farting, in your ass... and it, it smells. And it caught on fire in your ass. And stuff. I'm sorry. I'm cranky.

jedimacfan writes "Nice Site!". Up yours! I'm sorry.

Jasmine writes "What were you like in high school?" Well, Jasmine, I went to a very progressive high school called Guilderland Central High School. We even had three or four "minorities". When people make "this" gesture it means that they're putting a word in quotation marks, which usually means that the validity of that word is in question. In my example I put them around the word minority, which is incorrect because the people I was referring to were, and probably still are, minorities. I was trying to comment on how few minorities there were, but it ended up sounding like I was saying there were fake minorities. Other people use quotation marks as well. For example this morning one of the CNN headlines read "Clooney urges action on Sudan," quote-unquote, ""genocide"". In Sudan over the last sixteen months government backed Arab militias have killed over 10,000 black Africans and left 1.2 million more homeless. "Genocide." CNN has found this "newsworthy" because an actor, George Clooney, has spoken out about it. But back to me Jasmine, I was very popular in high school and very good at the sports. Just thinking about popular I was makes me want to throw up.

In dirty space news, according to the New Scientist, astronomers had measured the thickness of a neutron star's crust thanks to a breach which spewed particles into space. "We've come in contact with the spewed crust particles."

CNet news today has an article called "Is Jesus the next killer app?" With the help of companies such as Sony Panasonic, Avid and Hitachi, more and more churches are implementing what is known as "House of Worship" technology. Hey churches, I don't know if you know this but the young kids are into what they call "video games" these days and the industry's making like, a hundred thousand dollars a year. For example, I made this Worship Technology game called "Athiest." Kids can play for hours, but be careful!

Oh by the way, that ethics law I was talkin' about yesterday, you know the one where the Republicans are letting the lobbyists jerk them off under a table if they want to? Yeah, that passed. Asshole!

Exxon-Mobil posted a first quarter earning yesterday of 8.4 billion dollars. Asshole!

Something from the e-mail. Alexis writes "Check out for today."

Dear Ze,

That's meeee!

I "like" duckies.

Yeah, me too!

Do you like spirographs?

huhuhuhuh. huh.


uhuhuh. Poop!








Poop! Poop! Poop!Poop!POOP!Poop!POOP!


This is Ze Frank thinking so you don't have to.


s-s-s-somethings from the comments

Guilderland Central High School

Clooney, senators urge action on Darfur

'Starquake' explosion rips neutron star open

Is Jesus the next killer app?

Athiest: A Game by Zefrank

rocket boom friday april 28, 2006: casual friday

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