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Good morning Sports Racers it's Thursday June first, "race someone you don't know down the hall at the office" day, knowledge says "order a cappucino with extra foam and smear it on your nipples 'cause summer's here!"

New York, fabuloso!

What is this crazy life we lead?

Lead, my ass! More like get dragged behind kicking and screaming. (scream)

I don't wanna die...

But I'm gonna!

Later today I'm gonna clean my apartment because my cleaning lady's coming.

(frown?) It's not like you flush the toilet when the plumber comes.

Sports Racers eat tuna fish before they go to the dentist. More difficult jobs are more satisfying.

(zzp) The comments are confusing me.

  • More songs!
  • The songs suck.
  • It's getting better!
  • You lost it.
  • More jokes about poop!
  • Whaddaya think about Haditha...

We need to get organized, that's why next week I'm gonna let you tell me how to make a show. I'm looking forward to that! (groan)

Having the urge to deposit your faeces into an oval bowl filled with water sort of connected to the ocean?

  • Starbucks coffee. Works every time.
  • Starbucks coffee. Do you feel it coming?
  • Starbucks coffee. It makes me have to shit. (double take)

--- Haditha

This is Ze Frank thinking so you don't have to.


First use of 'Fabuloso'?

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