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Good morning Sports Racers it's tuesday June sixth-th, knowledge says don't eat with your mouth full unless your mouth is full of knowledge.

I'm urpy. (burps. a lot.) Excuuse me. I don't feel good. I'm not sure but I think I might be... an adult. I can tell by the way people look at me, and don't look at me. Someone the other day told me I should act more like one, but I don't even know what it is. What's an adult? I blame it on my parents, they caught it before I was even born. When I break things now I have to pay for them. I rarely get cake at parties anymore. When people give me sheets of paper I'm not supposed to draw on 'em. I'm just supposed to put the letters of my name on a line. Where's the fun in that? People get funny when I say the obvious, like "you've got a big nose". All of a sudden I'm supposed to know about the weather. And have plans! I even checked on the internet and no-one's working on a cure. I'm not sure I like it. Help me.

S-s-s-something from the comments. cohen writes "ze have you stopped doing s-s-s-something from the comments?"

Yeah I'm not doing that anymore.

Jon Wed-d dot com writes "Ze, What are you going to do next?"

This This.

Republicans rule writes "Ze, Should Republicans bother watching your vlog?"

What's a vllogue? And what's a republican?

Oh you mean like the party! I went to a republican party once, it was awesome, you could even bring your own gun. But then a transvestite showed up and everyone just started talkin' about the weather. So I went next door to the democratic party. I don't remember a thing, but I woke up with an STD and a rainforest frog was shackled to my nuts. People kept talking about a third party but all I found was a two person tent set up in the back yard. When I looked inside it was just Ralph Nader lying on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sleeping bag. One guy masturbating does not a party make. Party does one... make masturbating... not.

How's the weather?

Belonging to a party like democratic or republican is awesome. Usually when you give yourself a label you actually have to do something. If you only took a one hour jog every four years, you couldn't call yourself a runner. These parties are just like Myspace, you just have to show up. Or not!

The New York Times published an article that suggests the popularity of Myspace is fading. Scott Karp of the blog publishing two point oh even offered some statistical evidence. When challenged in its comments section Karp responded sarcastically saying "I forgot how conformist teenagers are. Of course they'll continue to embrace Myspace now that it's gone totally mainstream, it's totally hip to do what everyone else is doing".

It is totally hip to do what everyone else is doing, like putting the numbers two point oh in the name of your blog. Did anyone really think that the Myspace party was gonna last forever? Tom's house was cool 'n' all until people started blaring different music in every room. And then that one guy pulled the crayons out. There goes the wallpaper. But at least at that party there was something to do. And I learned stuff, like how to take pictures at arm's length, and that contrary to popular belief, people love ugly. At least if this party gets lame there's other parties we can go to. Like Friday Fabuloso. I mean nothing's worse than having to choose between two parties that have gone on forever. At those parties the booze ran out a long time ago. But I really don't wanna jack off with Nader. Again.

This is Ze Frank thinking so you don't have to.

Hey Fabulosos, kick it up a notch. I dare ya.


comment by cohen: 02 Jun 5:16p

comment by Jon Wedd .com: 06 Jun 2:00a

comment by RepublicansRule!: 08 May 2:42p

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Transvestite first showed up at a Republican fundraiser on 06-02-06

Comments and a Question

Does anyone know if the part about a party at Tom's house riffs on something specific, if so what? -Disso 15:15, 22 June 2006 (PDT)

Is that a joke? Obviously, that's about MySpace. When you register for MySpace, its founder <a href="">Tom</a> immediately becomes your first friend. Ze is talking about how every MySpace page seems to have 1) annoying music, and 2) horrible backgrounds. 19:52, 14 March 2007 (PDT)

I think it was good. Ze Frank said some good things about how silly some words were. He made fun of words like VLOG, and wiki spaces. Also some hip thoughts about myspace and web 2.0, he didn't mention much anything about glitter graphics which is something we will all remember from the myspace days or as the media might say, those halcyon myspace days. If i were on to catch a predator, I would have my secret cameraman follow me so that I could embarass the NBC guy and ask him questions, yeah I guess I wouldn't really do that ,cause I take Paxil and I rarely turn my brilliant ideas into reality. Like the blimp that would cruise around the city selling shade to people by the hour.

Ze Frank calls his patrons sports cruisers. (04:28, 22 June 2006 by

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