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Transcript - June 14, 2006

(In hotel room, wearing a Du Pont motorsports baseball cap)

Woo. Lalalatay.

Good morning Sportsracers it's Wednesday June 14th, knowledge is in Vegas. Baby.

They have a saying in Vegas. They say "nice hat, asshole". You hear it all the time, everywhere. I'm not really sure what it means, but that's Vegas, baby.

On the airplane coming here I ate a ham sandwich. I was eating flying pig. Both the pig and I were miles above our natural context. What normally would have been a plain ham sandwich turned into an exotic ham sandwich. Piglicious.

When I travel sometimes I feel out of place and alone. I become aware that the places that I visit have a history and a context. But I am out of context. The Eiffel tower is cool to look at, but it's also French. And I know that French people look at the Eiffel tower in a totally different way than I do. In the same way that the Empire State building means something totally different to me than it does to a French tourist. I'll never be French. And the awareness that that experience is lost to me can make me feel lonely, almost like I don't belong.

(Photo montage)

Las Vegas was built in the middle of a huge hot desert. Almost everything here was brought from somewhere else. The sort-of rocks, the trees, the waterfalls. These fish are almost as out of place as my pig that flew. Contrasted to the scorching desert that surrounds this place, so are these people. Things from all over the world have been rebuilt here, away from their histories and away from the people that experience them differently. Sometimes improvements were made, even the Sphinx got a nose job. Here, what you see is what you get and there is no reason to feel like you're missing anything: this New York means the same to me as it does to anyone else. Everything is out of context, and that means context allows for everything. Self Parking Events Center Shark Reef. This fabrication of place could be one of the worlds greatest achievements: because no one belongs here, everyone does. As I walked around this morning I noticed most of the buildings were huge mirrors, reflecting the sun back into the desert. But unlike most mirrors that present you with an outside view of yourself embedded in a place, these mirrors come back empty. (Back in hotel room) Baby.

Next Friday is gonna be another Fabuloso Friday. Except this time it'll be a little easier. You write segments no more than fifteen seconds long. Next thursday we'll all vote for our favorite segments. I'll perform the top one minute's worth of segments in "From the Fabulosos". Just a couple things: no nudity, no props unless they're essential, and if you want to remove an idea that somebody else has worked on don't delete it, move it to the Magic Dumpster. Just copy, click on the Magic Dumpster link and paste it. Good luck Fabulosos.

This is Ze Frank thinking so you don't have to. Shark Reef.

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