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Transcript - June 15, 2006

G-g-good morning Sports racers it's Thursday June 15, I'm so tired everything makes me g-g-giggle.

Look a beef stick.

Heh, holy shit that tastes like ass.

I'm still in Vegas and the fun just doesn't stop.

(Kill me now, kill me, kill me.)

Beef stick: tastes like cat food smells.

Prrrresident Bush came back from Iraq as happy as a young boy who had just discovered his first pubic hairrr

"I'm a man now daddy"

I remember that day

After a surprise visit with prime minister Maliki president Bush came back and had a press conference in the rose garden

The president said some words, like nouns and verbs

For example, he said these words

"Good morning thank you I've just returned from Bagdad and I was inspired to be able to visit the capital of a free and democratic Iraq"

Free and democratic! sounds like us, let's move there! - no, it's not that kind of free and democratic.

"It was a pleasure to meet face to face with the prime minister I saw first hand the strength of his character and his deep determination to succeed to build a country that can sustain itself govern itself and defend itself"

Defend itself, from who? Us?!

What if we have got to go in and kick some ass again?

Shock 'n' Awe. We bring the BoomWow.

"And I met with our troops I had a chance to congratulate those that were responsible for bringing Zarqawi to justice"

The kind of justice where you push a button and somebody blows up.

Trial? Here's your trial bitch. pip

"I told the prime minister how impressed I was to meet the team he'd assembled. I appreciate very much the agenda he's laid out in other words he's got a plan to succeed."

Plan to succeed! I hope you took some notes, cause it sure as shit don't sound like you got one.

"We want to establish an internal affairs bureau to root out corruption no question this government has got to deal with corruption at all levels in order to earn the confidence of the people."

Right on! Oh. You're still talking about Iraq.

When asked 'is the tide turning in Iraq?' the president replied: "I think tide turning see as I remember I was raised in the desert, but tides kind of, it's easy to see a tide turn. Did I say those words?"

(sings) I think tide turning see as I remember I was raised in the desert but tides kind of

"Yes I probably ought to then reflect on those words and think that I sense something different happening in Iraq."

Feels different? How come, is it cause we killed that one guy?

Operation together forward started yesterday morning. Over thirty thousand US and Iraqi troops enforced a curfew in Bagdad increased the number of checkpoints and implemented a strict weapons ban across the Iraqi capital.

Yeah I suppose that would make things feel a little different.

Responding to the idea that Guantanamo Bay sends a signal that the US is not upholding the values that they're trying to encourage other countries to adhere to, the president said: "My answer to them is that we're a nation of laws and the rule of law and so we have that balance between customary justice, the typical system and one that will be done in the military courts."

And the one where you do neither. And the one where you blow people up. It's about finding the balance. There's a lot of different kinds of justice, not just customary. You gotta think outside the little box we put those bastards in when they don't tell us what we wanna hear.

It's complimacated.

Tomorrow's a travel day Sports racers. That means I don't sleep tonight cause I care about you.

I do.

This is Ze Frank, thinking so you don't have to.

It's complimacated.



This looks complimicated.

Ze rules  :)

Has They ever mentioning that You have going to be my favorite.... :) it is disoriented. and sideways. ╬╝nesia = that's right. Why?

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