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Good morning Sports Racers it's friday June twenty three knowledge is sweaty and bringing the boomwow.

According to CNN the government's bitch AT&T removed a key reference from its previous privacy policy which had said the company quote "does not access read upload or store data contained in or derived from private files without members' authorization". AT&T initially said that the clause was included elsewhere in the policy but CNN was unable to reveal any such reference. Selling her soul for the sake of a paycheck, AT&T spokeswoman Tiffany Nell said quote "we have never looked at our customers' files or emails, photos or personal information; so this is not an issue. This is simply a matter of streamlining information".

(sings) Say the opposite, say the opposite, say the same thing, say the same thing.

Strea... streamlining? You're right, there's less words! Maybe we should do that with some legislation too!

The New York Times reports that House republican leaders abruptly cancelled a planned vote to renew the Voting Rights Act on wednesday after a rebellion by lawmakers who said the civil rights measure unfairly singled out Southern states. Signed in 1965, the Voting Rights Act instituted a nation-wide prohibition against voting discrimination based on race, eliminated poll taxes and literacy tests, and put added safeguards in regions where discrimination had been especially pronounced. Republican Lynn Westmoreland (not a girl, just named like one) is working on an amendment that would allow the affected states to more easily change their voting rules.

Hey instead of repealing laws that were designed to end discrimination, why don't we make them apply to all states?

Nah, racism is a thing of the past, just ask Tony Snow.

During a 2003 interview Tony Snow said quote "here's the unmentionable secret, racism isn't that big a deal anymore, no sensible person supports it, nobody of importance preaches it, it's rapidly becoming an ugly memory.

Lynn Westmoreland (a boy not a girl) said quote "a lot of it looks as if these are some old boys from the South who are trying to do away with it, but these old boys are trying to make it constitutional enough that it will withstand the scrutiny of the Supreme Court". That's funny talk. I've always called old boys men. (grimace)

And now let's hear from the Fabulosos, a minute of the show written by you! Unless you didn't, then it's them.

  • Play chess with Ze.
  • Brief history of the comments.
  • Fabuloso signs around the world.

Good job Fabulosos next Friday -

- Wowowowowoh -

Holy crap the League of Awesomeness says that any chess game started during a show has to be played all the way through! You've inadvertently challenged me to Fabuloso chess. You have to make your first move by Sunday midnight. The LOA says that the stakes of this game are yet to be determined. You might want to contribute your ideas. I'm gonna kick your ass.

This is Ze "Checkmate!" Frank thinking so you don't have to.

Chelsea's watching

Link to Chelsea: Watch here

Running time: 27s

Yeah yeah yeah. Energy energy energyenergy, yeeeeah!

David wrote: "hey what a surprise. looks like fab friday will suck. again."

(sigh) Did someone get his widdle ideas deweded [deleted]? David? Did someone? David? Did someone?

(wearing a sleeping mask) Ze, your pupils are blah blah blaaah. (snore)


Play chess with Ze.

Brief history of the comments.

Fabuloso signs around the world.

Comment by David: 22 Jun 3:41p

Comment by Katrina: 22 Jun 4:34p

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