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oh god

Good morning Sports Racers, it's Thursday June 29 Pretend You're Happy Day - squeeze your thumb and index finger together and make a funny gesture in the air, because knowledge needs the check!

[Waving gesture in air] Is it like making a check mark, or is it a fake signature?

I just don't know!

I learned it by watching you!

It has come to my attention that each day, someone or maybe someones is transcribing the show!

That's awesome! You're transcribing so I don't have to!

You ha-- you have to write down everything I say! ... muhh


Grooh aaaah umm uh lee!


Mahargan envela egdendenzdren.



All this transcribing is making me horny!

Whuh... when I'm done I think I'll go dry hump my neighbor's garden gnomes.

I know... I know they like it!

Yesterday in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Senator Arlen "Badass" Specter questioned the President's use of signing statements.

During his 6 years in office, the President has yet to veto a single bill.

Instead the President has included signing statements, which say that he reserves the right to revise, interpret, or disregard measures on national security and Constitutional grounds.

Although past presidents have used this tactic, Bush has challenged more than 750 laws enacted since he took office - more than all presidents combined.

Senator Specter and others have suggested that the President is trying to bypass the veto process, which can be overturned by a two thirds majority in both houses.

Defending Bush, Justice Department lawyer Michelle Boardman said that the President is not required to veto.

Spector snapped back, "Of course he's not - if he signs the bill."


Russian President Vladimir Putin made a strong showing in the creepiest leader ever competition when he stopped to speak with a young boy before lifting the boy's shirt up and kissing his stomach.


That's one way to be totalitarian.

Not to be outdone, Karl Rove has advised President Bush to grab a child's Barbie doll and bite off its head while making mooing noises.

CNN reports that five leading online service providers will jointly build a database of child pornography images to help prevent the distribution of those images.

So you're collecting child pornography.

In addition, these companies will be implementing a variety of tools.

What sort of tools?

AOL plans on scanning email attachments, and future goals includes checking instant messages and web uploads.

While moving forward with the technology the consortium plans to meet later to discuss implications on consumer privacy.

Cool! You'll think about it after. Like an "after-thought".

AOL chief John Ryan said that the coalition was partly a response to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' April speech on child pornography.

Gonzales has defended a number of questionable programs that sift through consumer data.

A wedge strategy is where you focus on a highly charged issue at the borders of rationality and emotion.

The emotional content of the issue can create a moral conviction that the issue needs to be resolved at any cost.

Tactics that would otherwise be called into question can then be employed to resolve the issue.

This sets precedent for the future use of those tactics in other arenas.

This is Ze Frank, thinking so you don't have to.


Flar flerlumuh kəsturgd pnnnnn ka' ka'bepupupuh szuuuuummeneh pup-k'laál!

Chū' chū' chū' pooooó!

Kāng. Humm mmňm.

Hàst durroop hk ehll st-tas debaön che.

Əhəhə mmn ka'krshədr.

Pawn to e3.


I have translated into Hebrew the part about wedge strategy and posted in in my blog. Hanan Cohen


I wonder if it's scary having people analyze your every phoneme this closely. ... On the other hand, that was a really impressive variety of them... --HelloMike 00:49, 30 June 2006 (PDT)

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