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Hey Kids don't try to act cool. Hanging out with the pac-man ghosts only leads to trouble.

At baseball game to person next to him: Do you like baseball? Whoooooo! Whoooo Baseball!! Whooooo!


Good afternoon Sports Racers it's Tuesday August 15th got a little summer cold happening. I'm a little fuzzy today. Knowledge says that today is the day that you check in on your New Years resolutions to see how well you're doin'. I promise not to use my laser pointer as a way to get my two cats to fight by keeping the dot placed on one of their butts... That one was dead in the water.

I promise to buy some new pants that fit or lose some weight since doing neither is not working out so well for me. Yeah working on that one.

I promise not to let my impression of other people's impression of who I am stop me from becoming what I know other people think I'm not... Who wrote this?

I promise not to drink for thirty consecutive days and just to be clear the term days refers to any 24 hour period regardless of if its a weekend or someone elses birthday or a holiday that I spontaneously make up, like brand new socks day... I had to focus on the technicalities due to some complications last year.

Hey sports racers how you doin' on your resolutions?

S's's's'something from the comments cup Hermes writes "Ze, if you could have your own themepark what would some of the rides slash attractions be?" Well my one idea got shot down. The Washington Post reports that the army has distanced itself from a proposal by a former Universal Studios exececutive to turn an army history museum into a military theme park. Plans included a bar that was called the first division lounge. And what was refered to as a multisensory interactive 4-d theater that would take visitors from valley forge to normandy as the greatest battles of US history explode to life. Mark Watson defended his proposals saying that it was an attempt to acquaint people of all ages with the experiences of a US soldier. Sarcastically: A theme park with rides.

Meanwhile in the real life experience of soldiers an increasing number of troops are asking for their sperm to be frozen because they're afraid of dying in combat. Why don't you make a ride out of that, jackass? Drink idea for the first division lounge?

This is Ze Frank, under the weather, and fabulosos, I resign.


Best line in the show: I promise not to let my impression of other people's impression of who I am stop me from becoming what I know other people think I'm not.


Ze resigns from the chess game.

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