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(Ze's finger!)

(His index finger, to be more specific, held aloft in front of an open refrigerator. )

(Caption: Fingers In Food!)

(Ze, bedecked in an apron, stands in a kitchen.)

If you're a long-time fan, it's good to have you back, and if you're a new viewer, welcome to Fingers In Food!

Today is part two in a two-part series on fruit. (Ze tilts his head invitingly.) Follow me.

(Ze hits the streets.)

C'mon, let's go get some fruit.

(He holds up his finger, flashing a promising smile.)

Oh-hoho, bingo.

That's some fruit.

(Ze approaches an outdoor fruit display. He holds up and fondles a tomato.)

(Back in the kitchen...)

In the last show we spent a fair amount of time with the exotic fruits, especially that cactus pear, and I want to thank the viewers that wrote in for reminding me that some of the easier-to-come-by fruits can be just as enjoyable.

(Ze gently slices a banana in half.)

With many of the basic fruits, the simplest techniques can often be the best.

(Ze steadies the banana and punctures the skin, carving a cylinder through its side.)

Feel free to experiment, but if you're caught in a bind, you can always rely on common sense.

A lot of people overlook the banana, but (Ze prods his finger into a halved banana) it's nice! A little slimy, doesn't have the delicacy of a guava, but it'll do in a pinch.

(Ze pokes his finger through the hole carved in the other banana.) And thanks, Jacqueline, for the advanced tip!

Going back to basics means going back to basics with the tools you use, as well! It turns out that little devil you call a potato peeler has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

(Ze applies the potato peeler to an apple.)

That apple you've been eyeing for weeks is no match to a simple push and twist.

If you approach at the right angle, even the pitted fruits with their nasty little secrets inside can become one of the highlights of your evening.

(Ze graces the inner pulp of a plum with his trusty index finger.)

And boy, does the hard work pay off!

(Ze holds up three lucky fruits, impaled on his fingers.)

I know what you're saying. You're saying, "Ze, sure, that works fine if you're on your own, but what if you're entertaining? (Ze winks) What about the bigger fruits?"

There's still no reason to get fancy. A household hammer, for example, is perfect for a cantaloupe.

(Ze demonstrates, thwacking a hole into a cantaloupe with a hammer.)

Now that's a hole for any finger!

But as we all know, sometimes a large group of people deserves a large piece of fruit. (Ze hefts a zaftig melon into view.) If presentation's important to you for that special group of people, (Ze begins to drill into the melon) use an ordinary drill for consistency.

Choose a bore that matches the size of your guests' fingers. A half-inch bore is perfect for the pinky (Ze demonstrates, introducing a pinky into the lush depths of the melon) and you'll never get stuck in someone else's hole.

But as we found out last week with the mulberry, size isn't everything. And if you're on the go, grapes (Ze waves, each finger capped with half a grape) can be great!

Join us next time for soft Italian cheeses... this is Ze, with Fingers In Food.

(Caption: Fingers In Food!)

(Ze waves his grape-bedecked fingers to his audience.)

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