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Clark Cox: Good morning sports racers, this is Clark - on a train to Frankfurt (whispers: there are Germans here).

Ze: With the November elections just around the corner the world gets to witness American politics at its best.

Come and witness the blame game following The Foley's folly fallout.

Yesterday Foley's lawyer said that the congressman made no excuses for his behavior. He continued by saying that Foley had been sexually abused by a clergyman as a child and was currently undergoing treatment for alcoholism and mental illness. The attorney also acknowledged that Foley is gay. In follow up questions it was suggested that Foley had been drinking when he sent the overly friendly messages.

Ze jingle-style: The blame game score sheet

Ze: So far we have: booze, the church and mental illness - read homosexuality.

Questioning Ze: Just three, that's it?

Ze: No, there's more :). During a recent radio program, conservative gossip Matt Drudge blamed the pages themselves, calling the former pages beasts. Drudge said that the kids were egging the congressman on and having fun at his expense, citing the fact that they frequently used the term LOL - for laugh out loud. Way to go Quincy, you saw right through their little game.

Democrats continue to blame Republicans for sitting on the information and hoping that it would go away.

Republicans continue to blame Democrats for sitting on the information until election time rolled around.

Amid allegations that he knew about the emails for months, house speaker Dennis Hastert has refused to resign, saying - quote: 'if I thought it would help the party I would consider it but I think just the opposite'.

It's rumoured that not doing something because it didn't help his party is exactly what got Hastert into this mess to begin with.

Yesterday Fox News had a little fun with the Foley story. Brad's blog captured images of the news story during which Mark Foley was referred to as a Democrat. Fox defended itself saying: 'gay voice: What? He said he was gay. It's the same thing, isn't it?'.

The silly little joke disappeared during a late night rebroadcast. Meanwhile the coalition of social Conservatives - The Arlington group - tossed one more name into the blame hat. According to a statement released monday they said that house Republicans may not have investigated Foley because they feared a - quote - 'backlash' from the radical gay rights movement. Aaah, that explains why Republicans have been so soft on gays in the past.

To recap: if you must point a finger, point it at the Republicans, Democrats, gays, booze, church, mental illness and the kids themselves.

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