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Intro: Good afternoon Sports Racers, is the show with Ze Frank. [Motions to empty stroller] baby!

Ze: Huh, you're upside-down!

Alana writes: Hey Ze, how bout that ORG any new snacks in the works?

Ze: If you mean more snacks than you can handle then the answer is YES!... But you must be patient a little while longer. The first batch of awesomeness points have only just arrived.


Ze: Awesome! Former UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw managed to piss off some Muslims this week suggesting that women who wore veils made community relations more difficult.

Ze (Cockney Accent): I'm checkin out this bird right, she's got a veil on and I think it's dirty. But later on that evening I find out she's a minger. There should be rules against that, you know what I mean?

Ze: Straw asks women working in his constituency office to remove their veils. Saying that veils are a "visible statement of separation and difference" Why can't they just wear normal visible statements of separation and difference like Gucci or Prada.

In order to support the claim that Iran's nuclear program is for fuel and not weapons, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ordered that nuclear facilities be open to foreign tourists. Although tourists from the United States will be required to surrender fingerprints, Ahmadinejad said that tourists from Israel will be allowed to directly handle the uranium.

North Korea has announced that it will be testing its first nuclear weapon. And that's not funny, just scary as hell.

According to the New York Times last years military spending bill included an allocation of 20 million dollars to pay for a party that would commemorate our successes in Iraq and Afghanistan. The party was supposed to happen this year but apparently there's been some catering problems. Although congress has re-allocated the money for 2007, the White House is having a tough time getting rid of ten thousand mugs it had printed up with the inscription "YEA 2006" on one side and an American flag with 51 stars on the other.

While the administration has continued its policy of restricting media access to footage of American casualties in Iraq, the New York Times is reporting an increase in the number of youtube videos showing insurgent attacks against American troops. If we don't show it someone else will and personally I would rather that the American media be allowed to deal with casualties on our terms.

Have a safe weekend. This is Ze Frank thinking so you don't have to.

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